MA in Dance

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts in Dance
(11 semester course credits, 7 at the graduate level)


The following prerequisites may be taken concurrently with other course work if not already completed elsewhere.

DNC 133 Dance Kinesiology (1)

DNC 157 Music for the Dancer (1)

Students who have had a music for dance course must take the rhythmic exemption exam.


History/Theory (2 course credits):

DNC 265 Modern to Contemporary Performance: History, Theory, and Practice (1)

DNC 288 Critical Acts: Dancing Strategies, Theories, and Contexts (1)

Technique (1 course credit) selected from:

DNC 014 (114) Techniques in International Dance Styles: Selected Form (.25)

DNC 101 Elementary Ballet (.25)

DNC 103 Intermediate Ballet (.25)

DNC 105 Elementary Modern Dance (.25)

DNC 107.01 Intermediate Modern Dance (.25)

DNC 108.01 Intermediate Modern Dance (.25)

DNC 108.02 Intermediate Modern Dance (.25)

DNC 109.01 Advanced Modern Dance (.25)

DNC 110.01 Advanced Modern Dance (.25)

All students must take .25 credit value of technique per week for four semesters. Two semesters must be modern technique.

Thesis (2 course credits):

DNC 250A Thesis: Research Project (1)

DNC 250B Thesis: Writing (1)

(spring/fall sequence)


And select 6 more graduate or upper-division undergraduate course credits from the following list (Electives or seminars in other departments, with approval from dance faculty may also apply.):

DNC 113 Somatic Arts (.25)

DNC 134 Dance Improvisation (.5)

DNC 152 Action Lab (.5)

DNC 159 Stage Production (.5)

DNC 176 Dance Cultures (1)

DNC 180 Special Topics in Dance (.25)

DNC 181 Solo Choreography (.5)

DNC 231 Screendance (.5)

DNC 243 Independent Project (.5–1)

DNC 253 Theory of Teaching Dance (1)

DNC 254 Laboratory Teaching of Dance (.5)

DNC 255A Repertory Dance Company (.5)*

DNC 255B Repertory Dance Company (.5)*

DNC 270 Seminar in Interdisciplinary Collaboration (1)

DNC 282 Group Choreography (.5)

DNC 284 Choreography: Construction Project (.5)

DNC 296 Live and Media Performance (1)

DNC 297 Ideas about Space (.5)

*Master of Arts students may participate in Repertory Dance Company with permission of faculty.

Once a student has applied to and is accepted to the MA course of study she/he is not eligible to change her/his dance degree tracks mid-stream without reapplying to the MFA program.

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