Repertory Dance Company

About the MRDC

Upcoming performances:
November 20-21, 2014 at Mills College Lisser Theater
November 22 at ODC Dance Commons in San Francisco.

The MRDC exists as an avenue for both initiating and deepening the dancers’ knowledge of the total performance experience within their Mills College dance education. Both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to audition for the MRDC—which is modeled on professional dance companies—and embark on an experience that allows them to become a vibrant element of the Mills’ dance tradition. MRDC performances present a unique opportunity for the public to see the groundbreaking artists of tomorrow perform the work of highly reputed choreographers and teachers of today.

Past performances have included work from the following luminaries of contemporary dance:

Robert Battle
Trisha Brown ’54
Remy Charlip
Blondell Cummings

Sean Curran
Della Davidson
Sonya Delwaide

Kim Epifano

Molissa Fenley
Joe Goode

Martha Graham

Margaret Jenkins

Mark Morris

Robert Moses

Anna Sokolow

Paul Taylor

Contact Information
P: 510.430.3309

If you have a specific question for a faculty member, please contact or call 510.430.2175.

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