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Doctorate (EdD) in Educational Leadership

Degree Requirements

Completion of the EdD requires a total of 20 Mills credits. Students who are admitted to the program may petition for transfer of some relevant prior graduate-level work. Upon admission to the program, each student develops a sequence of study in consultation with the academic advisor. This sequence will include core courses related to the theory and practice of leadership, a required set of courses in research methods, an area of specialization, and completion of the doctoral dissertation. The program generally requires two to three years of course work followed by the doctoral dissertation.

In students' first and possibly second year of course work, they work with their advisors to shape a course sequence that meets their educational and professional goals. These courses can consist of the Administrative Services Credential, the MA in Educational Leadership, the Leadership Program in Early Childhood MA, or any set of courses from those listed below. With the approval of the advisor, appropriate courses from other departments may also be included in the doctoral program.

EDUC 227/427 Issues of Race and Ethnicity in Education (1)

EDUC 229 Schools, Sexuality, and Gender (1)

EDUC 230 History of Education in the United States (1)

EDUC 419 Educational Technology and Information Systems (.5)

EDUC 420 Education Research Colloquium (.5)

EDUC 421A Inquiry into Leadership: Practice into Theory I (1)

EDUC 421B Inquiry into Leadership: Practice into Theory II (1)

EDUC 424 Educational Program Evaluation (1)

EDUC 426 Ethical and Moral Considerations in Educational Leadership (1)

EDUC 428 Organizational Development and School Improvement (1)

EDUC 432 Curricular Leadership (1)

Students next enter the "doctoral core" phase of the EdD program. This consists of a year-long sequence of required courses outlined below:

EDUC 413 Qualitative Methods (1)

EDUC 414 Quantitative Methods (1)

EDUC 425 Introduction to Research Design (1)

EDUC 434 Research Methods: Proposal Design and Development I (1)

EDUC 497 Directed Reading for Dissertation (1)

EDUC 450 Dissertation Research (.5–1; may be repeated for credit)


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