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Joint MBA/MA in Educational Leadership

Degree Requirements

Joint MBA/MA in Educational Leadership

The joint MBA/MA in educational leadership degree is a 22-credit full-time program. It is expected that students will complete this program within two and a half (2.5) to four (4) years, depending on the number of foundation courses transferred into the program, the availability of summer courses, and the student's course load. The residency requirement is four (4) semesters.

Foundation Courses
(4 semester course credits)

Students who have taken foundation courses prior to entering the program may count a maximum of three (3) of the MBA listed foundation courses toward the degree. Courses must be approved by the Dean’s office upon application to the program. This option is available for courses completed with a grade of B or better that covered comparable course material, were equivalent to one Mills semester credit, were taken within five (5) years prior to the date of entrance into the MBA program, and were taken at an accredited four-year college or university. To fulfill a foundation course requirement, the students must have earned a grade of B or better in each course. (Financial and Managerial Accounting may be taken at an accredited junior/community college or continuing education program in which the courses have been certified for credit eligibility towards the CA Certified Public Accountancy exam).  After students have started the program all courses are to be taken at Mills.

MGMT 209 Economics for Managers (1)*

MGMT 214 Financial Accounting (1)*

MGMT 215 Managerial Accounting (1)

MGMT 216 Corporate Finance (1)

*Courses must be taken within the first three (3) semesters of the program.

Core Courses
(13 semester course credits)

The required core courses are central to the degree and cannot be substituted from outside programs.

MGMT 226 Management Information Systems (1)

MGMT 230 Marketing Management (1)

MGMT 232 Operations Management (1)

MGMT 263 Quantitative Methods for Business (1)*

MGMT 279 Applied Economic Analysis (1)

MGMT 290 Strategic Management (1)

EDUC 220 Urban Education (1)

EDUC 265 Child Development for Educational Leaders (1)
(Administrative Services Credential students substitute EDUC 401)

EDUC 280 Social Ecology of Schools (1)
(Administrative Services Credential students substitute EDUC 404)

EDUC 407 Perspectives on Human Resource Management (1)

EDUC 421A Inquiry into Leadership: Practice into Theory (1)

EDUC 421B Inquiry into Leadership: Practice into Theory (1)

EDUC 426 Ethical and Moral Dimensions in Educational Leadership (1)

*Courses must be taken within the first three (3) semesters of the program.

Approved Electives
(4 semester course credits)

Students must take a total of four semester credits in electives at Mills with two credits from MBA offerings and two credits from educational leadership. Electives must be selected from the approved electives below:

MBA Electives

ECON 141 Economics of Education (1)

MGMT 202 Administrative Behavior (1)

MGMT 223 Advertising and Social Media (1)

MGMT 224 Persuasive Communications (1)

MGMT 227 Negotiations (1)

MGMT 228 Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting (1)

MGMT 231 Marketing Strategy (1)

MGMT 270 Nonprofit Management (1)

MGMT 271 Strategic Philanthropy and Social Enterprise (1)

MGMT 274 Innovation in Business (1)

MGMT 275 Entrepreneurship (1)

Educational Leadership Electives

EDUC 203 Public Policy: Children, Youth, and Families (1)

EDUC 229 Schools, Sexuality, and Gender (1)

EDUC 261 Interpersonal Communication (1)

EDUC 276A Leadership in Early Childhood Seminar (1)

EDUC 290 Advanced Seminar in Child Development (1)

EDUC 401 School Leadership (1)

EDUC 403 Administrative Leadership: Theory, Concepts, Practices (1)

EDUC 406 Fiscal and Business Services (.5)

EDUC 412 School Law and Public Policy (.5)

EDUC 427 Issues of Race and Ethnicity in Education (1)

(1 semester course credit)

A practicum is required for students who do not have at least two years of professional or managerial experience in educational administration or consulting. The practicum can be supervised by a faculty member in either the MBA or Educational Leadership Program.

MGMT 288 Management Practicum (1)

EDUC 409A or B Field experience (1)


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