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Joint MBA/MA in Educational Leadership

The joint MBA/MA in educational leadership is an innovative program leveraging the resources of the School of Education and the Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business at Mills College. The joint MBA/MA is designed specifically to prepare future educational leaders and managers for success by giving them knowledge of both educational processes and dynamics, and strategic business and management skills. The degree helps graduates confront the complex challenges of the rapidly changing educational business landscape.

The joint MBA/MA enables graduates to:

  • work with new models of schools, such as charter schools run by management companies and nonprofits
  • answer increased demands for accountability and reporting mechanisms from diverse sets of stakeholders
  • address the dynamic between constrained resources and increased expectations for educational quality and specialized services
  • develop turnaround processes for troubled schools
  • direct nonprofits with educational or school-enrichment directives

Distinctive Features

  • Leadership development: By following the MBA/MA's focused course of study, our students acquire the expertise needed to cross the traditional boundaries of business and education.

  • Accelerated program: Students graduate in three years or less, depending on their previous fulfillment of foundation courses and individual course loads. This is at least one academic year less than it would take to obtain two separate degrees, helping students more efficiently begin the next stage of their careers.

Course Work

Students take courses from those offered at the Mills College School of Education and the Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business, and the program is designed so that classes from each school complement each other fully. Courses are chosen to promote the knowledge and skills students need in areas such as strategy, operations, marketing, finance, information and technology management, ethics, and organizational changes. See the Requirements page for a list of courses required for this program. See the Education Course List & Descriptions and MBA Course List & Descriptions pages for paragraph-length descriptions of individual courses.

Career Opportunities

The joint degree program prepares students to serve as educational administrators in early childhood, K–12, higher education, and out-of-school programs and institutions; leaders and business officers in independent and charter schools; directors of educational nonprofits; educational consultants; and business consultants working in the education sector.


Last Updated: 9/27/13