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MA in Early Childhood Education

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts in Education (MA)
with an Emphasis in Early Childhood Education
(13 semester course credits)

This two-year degree program offers the possibility of specializing in one of two strands of early childhood education: either development and teaching, or administration and policy. The degree prepares students for professional leadership in preschool, childcare services, and other programs for children and families. Students will also be prepared to enter the fields of public policy, research, adult education, and parent education. Graduates also enter professional fields such as program development for private organizations and public agencies, and prepare for more advanced graduate work. It is possible to complete both a master's degree and a multiple subject credential.

Degree Requirements:

Year 1

EDUC 234 Research Methodology for Observing Children (.5)

EDUC 236 Development and Learning in Young Children (1)

EDUC 238 Social, Emotional, and Moral Development and Learning (1)

EDUC 291A Theory and Practice of Early Childhood Education: Infants and Preschoolers (1–1.5)

EDUC 291B Theory and Practice of Early Childhood Education (1–1.5)

Year 2

EDUC 227 (427) Issues of Race and Ethnicity in Education (1)

EDUC 276 Leadership in Early Childhood Seminar (1)

EDUC 290 Advanced Seminar in Child Development (1)

EDUC 294A Graduate Seminar: Research in Education—ECE (1)

EDUC 294B Research Seminar—ECE (1)

If your focus is development and teaching you are required to take the following courses:

EDUC 237 Child Language Acquisition (1)

EDUC 246 Working with Families and Community (.5)

EDUC 260 History and Theories of Play in Human Development, Culture, and Education (.5)

Select an additional 2.5 credits from the School of Education and College offerings.

If your focus is leadership and policy you are required to take the following course:

EDUC 203 Public Policy: Children, Youth, and Family Issues (1)

In consultation with your advisor select an additional 3.5 credits from the School of Education and College offerings.

It is highly recommended that all students take EDUC 255 Children with Special Needs or EDUC 231 Assessment and Intervention for Children with Special Needs no matter which focus they have selected. In addition, students are encouraged to pursue their own interests, either through course work in other departments on campus or through the educational exchange with other local college campuses.


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