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Multiple Subject Credential

Degree Requirements

Multiple Subject Credential

While the multiple subject credential program prepares students to teach in any self-contained K–8 classroom, it is recommended for those interested in teaching grades K–6. This work is generally completed in conjunction with a master of arts degree program with an emphasis on teaching.


EDUC 236 Development and Learning in Young Children (1)

EDUC 300A/B Curriculum and Instruction in the Elementary School (1)

EDUC 303A/B Mathematics in the Elementary School (1; 1)

EDUC 347A/B Introduction to the Profession of Teaching Diverse Learners (.5; .5)

EDUC 348 Building Structures for Equity, Excellence, and Access (.5)

EDUC 352 English Language Development and Content Instruction Methods—Multiple Subject (1)

EDUC 373A/B Student Teaching in the Elementary School (.5–3; .5–3)

EDUC 379 Teaching Language Arts and Literature in the Primary Grades (1)

EDUC 380 Teaching Reading and Language Arts in the Elementary School (1)


Last Updated: 3/17/14