Master of Arts in Mathematics
(8 semester course credits)


To be considered for the 4+1 BA/MA Mathematics Program, a Mills undergraduate student must have:

  • declared a mathematics major (or be close to declaring);
  • a mathematics GPA of at least 3.5 (including all Mills and transferred courses counted toward the BA mathematics major);
  • earned at least an A- in each of the following four courses: MATH 047, MATH 048, MATH 049, and MATH 050 (or their equivalent, if transferred);
  • an overall Mills GPA of at least 3.0; and
  • demonstrated potential for graduate-level work in mathematics.

Exceptions shall be made at the discretion of the Mathematics Department. The 4+1 BA/MA program is highly selective. Candidates will be accepted to the program after a full evaluation by the Mathematics Department.

Maintaining High Standards

To continue in the 4+1 BA/MA program, every year the student must have:

  • shown satisfactory progress toward the BA and MA degrees;
  • maintained an undergraduate mathematics GPA of at least 3.5;
  • maintained a graduate mathematics GPA of at least 3.0; and
  • maintained an overall Mills GPA of at least 3.0.

Students in the graduate 4+1 BA/MA in Mathematics Program earn a BA degree in mathematics at Mills and then complete the following MA requirements:

Graduate mathematics courses, select six (6):

MATH 242 Real Analysis (1)

MATH 252 Abstract Algebra II (1)

MATH 254 Foundations of Geometry (1)

MATH 260 Complex Analysis (1)

MATH 280 Topics in Mathematics:

MATH 280A Topics in Algebra (1)

MATH 280B Topics in Algebraic Geometry (1)

MATH 280C Topics in Algebraic Logic (1)

MATH 280D Topics in Analysis (1)

MATH 280E Topics in Applied Linear Algebra (1)

MATH 280F Topics in Combinatorics (1)

MATH 280G Topics in Geometry (1)

MATH 280H Topics in Linear Algebra (1)

MATH 280I Topics in Mathematical Logic and Foundations of Mathematics (1)

MATH 280J Topics in Number Theory (1)

MATH 280K Topics in Representation Theory (1)

MATH 280L Topics in Topology (1)

Notes: For courses offered at both the 100 and the 200 level, students enrolled at the 200 level will be required to do additional work in the course.

Thesis Requirement:

Two semesters of thesis work during the last year of the BA/MA program, under the supervision of the student's MA advisor: MATH 250A/B Thesis for the Degree of Master of Arts in Mathematics (1; 1).

Special Skills Requirements:

One semester foreign language course or programming language course at the undergraduate level, counted toward the BA degree. Exemptions shall be considered at the discretion of the Mathematics Department.

Students taking MATH 242 and/or MATH 252 shall be exempted from the undergraduate mathematics major BA requirements MATH 142 and/or MATH 152. The latter will have to be replaced with two other approved courses for the mathematics major BA degree.

MATH 280 is in the format of independent study and can be taken repeatedly for a maximum of 2 credits. Cross-registering at the University of California, Berkeley, Mathematics Department for graduate-level courses is possible for a maximum of 2 credits and with the prior approval of the MA thesis advisor. Exceptions shall be granted at the discretion of the Mathematics Department.

After the MA thesis is written and approved by the MA thesis advisor, the student gives a public presentation of the MA thesis in front of the department, including a period for questions and answers. The MA thesis quality and the student's knowledge in the topic are then evaluated by a departmental committee for successful completion of the BA/MA program.

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