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The Master in Business Administration Program at the Lorry I. Lokey School of Business and Public Policy educates ethical and socially responsible organizational leaders who have the strategic perspective, analytic abilities, business knowledge, and leadership and management skills to deliver strong financial performance while mindfully making a positive impact on society and the environment.

The Mills MBA Program emphasizes the four pillars of social responsibility and shared value: ethical decision-making and governance, social and community accountability, diversity and inclusion, and environmental sustainability. These values are integrated throughout our curriculum, our co-curricular activities and our partnerships with organizations that share similar values. Across the Mills MBA curriculum, our faculty emphasizes real-world applications and learning from both theory and practice.

Recognizing Mills' long-standing commitment to women's education and diversity, our MBA Program is distinguished among graduate business schools by the rich diversity of identities, experiences, and perspectives that our students bring to enhance our programs and classroom experience. It also positions Mills MBA Program as an important source of talent for employers seeking to strengthen diversity within their managerial and leadership levels.

The Mills MBA curriculum is designed to ensure that our graduates have the analytic and quantitative skills they need to advance to senior management levels. Students develop a strong foundation for effective problem-framing, problem-solving, and decision-making through rigorous course work in economics, accounting, quantitative methods, and finance.

Building on this foundation, our students learn how to deliver enterprise-wide value through our required core courses in marketing, operations, human resources management, and management information systems. These courses in the functional areas of management are supplemented by two additional core courses designed to hone students’ leadership skills and perspectives—leadership and ethics, and our capstone integrative course in strategic management.

Students supplement the foundation and core curriculum through electives, which allow them to either broaden their knowledge and skills in management or deepen their knowledge and expertise through a concentration in accounting, finance, marketing, nonprofit management, or socially responsible business.

To ensure that our graduate students are prepared to lead and manage in today's complex and diverse multicultural organizations, many of our MBA classes involve team projects with external client organizations. Engaging in team-based experiential learning enables students to develop their skills as team leaders and members, harness the power of diverse perspectives, and communicate effectively and persuasively. Students’ communication skills are further developed through our highly interactive classes and frequent in-class presentations.

To provide students with flexible options, we offer three ways to earn a master in business administration degree: a full-time or part-time MBA, an accelerated MBA, or a Bachelor's to Master's five-year degree for Mills students. The program options are described in more detail below.

In line with the Mills MBA Program's commitment to preparing socially responsible leaders, we also offer two joint degree programs: an MBA/MA in Educational Leadership and a Master in Public Policy (MPP)/MBA. Students earn a single masters degree combining the two fields of knowledge in a compressed schedule of three years rather than the four years required to earn the two degrees separately. 

1. Full-Time or Part-Time MBA

Complete five foundation courses, seven core courses, and five electives, and earn an MBA degree in three to nine semesters.

2. Accelerated MBA

Earn an MBA in two semesters, if the required foundation courses have been satisfied.

3. Bachelor's to Master's Five-Year Degree

To encourage undergraduate students to pursue professional study to complement their liberal arts education, Mills offers a five-year BA/MBA program. This program enables students to earn both a bachelor's degree and an MBA within five years, if they complete all foundation courses and meet specific academic requirements as undergraduates. Students benefit from the breadth of learning they gain from the Mills liberal arts curriculum, which is then enhanced by professional training in the graduate MBA Program to help ensure career success.

4. MBA/MA in Educational Leadership

The Lokey School of Business and Public Policy and the Mills College School of Education offer a joint MBA/MA in Educational Leadership degree program that prepares students to become experts and leaders in the instructional and managerial aspects of educational organizations. Students can earn a single master's degree that reflects the education and business knowledge and skills needed to lead and manage organizations in the education sector or to consult or provide services to this sector. The MBA/MA in educational leadership is a full-time program requiring a total of 21 graduate education and business administration courses. (Part-time enrollment may be permitted on an exception basis with approval.) A key benefit of the joint degree program is that it can be completed within three years of instruction instead of the four years needed to earn both degrees separately.


The Lokey School of Business and Public Policy has developed a joint master in public policy and business administration (MPP/MBA) degree program specifically designed to prepare students with cross-sector skills in leadership, management, and analysis. Students can earn a single master's degree that reflects the policy and business knowledge and skills needed to lead and manage organizations in the public, non profit and private sectors. The program requires a total of 23 graduate public policy and business administration courses and is a full-time commitment. The joint MPP/MBA degree program can be completed in three years instead of the four years it would take to pursue the degrees separately.


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