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Mills Music Now Concert Series

Our annual concert series presents a refreshingly diverse blend of experimental, world, and traditional Western art music performed by artists such as Angela Hewitt, Kazue Sawai, Louis Lortie, Ikue Mori, Ali Akbar Kahn, Wadada Leo Smith, and Luc Ferrari. The series is held in our historic, 450-seat Littlefield Concert Hall, which has excellent acoustics for vocal, instrumental, and ensemble performances by students and visiting performers. Concert Schedule


The Center for Contemporary Music presents a series of public events performed in the more informal setting of the Mills Ensemble Room. This series of symposia on sound, nature, technology, and performance features guest composers, performing artists, and researchers in an intimate setting encouraging dynamic interaction between the audience and artist. Songlines Schedule


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East Bay Express, March 4, 2009. "Mills College Music Department Turns the Wheels of Progress" by Nate Seltenrich. A review of the opening night of the Mills Music Festival 2009 series in the 1929 Spanish Colonial-style restored music hall.

Los Angeles Times, February 8, 2009. "Mills College, a school without walls" by critic Mark Swed. Mills College alumnus Swed captures the uniqueness about the program and shares his latest experiences on campus. A photo gallery reveals the newly renovated historic music hall. Swed also wrote about the latest music coming out of Mills and its historic roots.

Boston Globe, Dec. 12, 2008. “Every which way” by Andrew Gilbert. An interview with Fred Frith, head of the Mills College Music Department, about his newest group Cosa Brava.

Los Angeles Times, July 27, 2008. The San Francisco Tape Music Center: 1960s Counterculture and the Avant-Garde by Colin Fleming. A review of David W. Bernstein’s book which traces the pioneering electronic music center in San Francisco. Bernstein is a professor of music at Mills College.

Washington Post, April 6, 2008. "Ambassador of Cool; Dave Brubeck Has Long Played Jazz on an International Scale" by Matt Schudel. An article tracing Mills College alumnae and jazz great Dave Brubeck's introduction of jazz to the world.

San Francisco Chronicle, February 18, 2008. “Roscoe Mitchell brings jazz history to Mills” by David Rubien. An interview with Roscoe Mitchell, Darius Milhaud Chair in Composition at Mills College, about his musical influences and interests.

The Nation, December 3, 2007. “Roscoe Mitchell’s Wolf Tones” by Brian Morton. An exploration of Roscoe Mitchell’s musical roots and distinctive sound.

Oakland Magazine, October 2007. “The Evolution Starts Now; Mills College Pushes the Limits of Contemporary Sound” by Derk Richardson. An in-depth look at the Mills College Music Department’s development into a vital force in experimentalism and contemporary composition and performance. Begins with the early influences of Henry Cowell, Lou Harrison, John Cage, and Darius Milhaud.

KQED’s Spark, February 2004. Features Pauline Oliveros, distinguished experimental musician and Darius Milhaud Professor of Composition at Mills College.

KQED’s Spark, July 2003. Features the Center for Contemporary Music (CCM) at Mills College and interviews CCM students as they explore the relationship between audience and performer. Includes commentary by CCM Co-director Chris Brown.

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