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Undergraduate Courses | Graduate Courses

Everyone interested in enrolling in a course needs to first email the instructor for permission; let the instructor know whether you are planning to take the course for credit or audit. Click on any course title below for further information about the course and links to instructor email addresses.

Undergraduate Courses

ARTS 180-CRN 10003 Texting, or How to Write About Contemporary Art 
BIO 080-CRN 10018 Biology in Speculative Fiction
ECON 115-CRN 10020 Managerial Accounting
ENG 180A-CRN 10005 Creative Writing Bootcamp
ENG 180B-CRN 10007 The Digital Newsroom
ENG 180C-CRN 10009 Standing on the Page: The Poetics of Embodiment
ENG 180D-CRN 10010 Online Writing Workshop
EDUC 180A-CRN 10013 Educational Equity and Opportunity
EDUC 180C -CRN 10019 Surveys Design and Development for Social Change
ETHS 180A-CRN 10012 Pedagogies of Wellness: Feminism, Activism and Community Healing
ETHS 180B-CRN 10013 Post-racial Fantasies in Literature and Pop Culture: From The Hunger Games to the X-Men
SOSC 180-CRN 10015 Imaging Change: Art for Social Justice & Community Engagement
LET 180A-CRN 10016 The Politics of Translation in Francophone and South Asian Contexts
LET 180B-CRN 10017 Confections of a Chocoholic: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
PHIL 125-CRN 10014 Philosophy of Law: Liberty, Social Justice, and Constitutional Law

Graduate Courses

MGMT 215-CRN 10002 Managerial Accounting
MGMT 280A-CRN 10003 International Business Consulting
MGMT 280B-CRN 10004 Impact Investing
EDUC 280A -CRN 10015 Educational Equity and Opportunity
EDUC 280B -CRN 10017 Narrative Ways of Knowing
EDUC 280C -CRN 10018 Surveys Design and Development for Social Change
EDUC 280D -CRN 10016 From Viewing to Doing: Supporting Early Learning (PreK-3rd grade) with Media and Technology
EDUC 425-CRN 10005 Intro to Research Design
EDUC 480-CRN 10009 Narrative Ways of Knowing
ENG 280A-CRN 10006 Creative Writing Bootcamp
ENG 280B-CRN 10008 The Digital Newsroom
ENG 280D-CRN 10011 Online Writing Workshop

Mills College reserves the right to cancel courses with low enrollment. Registered students will be notified of cancellations on or about May 1, 2015.


Last Updated: 3/12/15