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Degree Requirements
Economics Major  
Concentration in International Markets and Policy
Economics Minor | BA/MBA Program

Economics Major
(12 semester course credits)


ECON 050 Introduction to Economics (1)

ECON 081 Introduction to Statistics (1)

ECON 100 Microeconomic Theory (1)

ECON 101 Macroeconomic Theory (1)

Senior Requirement:

ECON 192 Senior Seminar (1)

And select 7 additional semester course credits in economics.

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Concentration in International Markets and Policy
(15 semester course credits)

This concentration within the economics major seeks to equip students with: (1) a clear understanding of the global economy and its political framework; (2) language skills in a second (or additional) language; (3) strong quantitative skills; and (4) practical experience that will be applicable in global firms, in international organizations, in policy making, and in foreign service.


I. Languages (2 semester course credits)

A minimum of two semesters of study of languages other than English

  • Non-native speakers of English may opt for language courses specifically designed to improve their knowledge of English (with advisor approval).
  • Students are strongly encouraged to take more than the minimum number of language courses. Additional language courses are to be counted as electives outside the major.

II. Quantitative Reasoning (2 semester course credits)

ECON 081 Introductory Statistics (1)

ECON 164 Econometrics and Business Forecasting (1)

III. International Economics and Policy (9 semester course credits)

Six required courses:

ECON 050 Introduction to Economics (1)

ECON 100 Intermediate Microeconomics (1)

ECON 155 International Trade (1)

ECON 101 Intermediate Macroeconomics (1)

ECON 159 Economic Development (1)

GOVT 087 Political Economy (1)

Three electives from the courses listed below. The course grouping is for convenience only; the three courses need not come from the same subgroup. To ensure completion of the economics major requirements, at least two must be economics courses. A second practicum (ECON 188, see description in V. below) may be used to substitute for one of the courses on this list.

For students with an interest in financial services or regulatory policy:

ECON 158 International Financial Markets (1)

ECON 134 Money and Financial Institutions (1)

ECON 136 Managerial Economics (1)

ECON 116 Corporate Finance (1)

ECON 118 Financial Derivatives (1)

For students with an interest in international policy:

ECON 160 Economics of Oil (1)

ECON 161 Migration and the Economy (1)

GOVT 141 Politics of Developing Nations (1)

ETHS 047 The "Third World": Colonialism and Globalization (1)

For students with an interest in research methods:

ECON 182 Modeling and Data Analysis (1)

PPOL 116 Qualitative Methods in Policy Research (1)

For students with an interest in environmental sustainability:

ECON 160 Economics of Oil (1)

ECON 153 Environmental Economics (1)

GOVT 162 The Economics of Climate Change (1)

PPOL 150 Environmental Policy Analysis (1)

ETHS 112 Race, Gender, and the Environment (1)

IV. Senior Seminar (1 semester course credit)

ECON 190 Senior Seminar in Economics(1)

V. Practical Experience (1 semester course credit)

ECON 188 International Economics Practicum (1)

  • May be taken twice for credit. Only one practicum is required for the concentration, but a second is highly encouraged.
  • Requirement can be fulfilled with an internship abroad, a domestic internship focused on the global economy, or advisor-approved participation in a study abroad program. Students fulfilling the practicum requirement through study abroad will earn course credits for the transferable courses taken abroad but not for the practicum itself.
  • Economics Minor
    (6 semester course credits)


    ECON 050 Introduction to Economics (1)

    ECON 081 Statistics (1)

    ECON 100 Microeconomic Theory (1) or
    ECON 101 Macroeconomic Theory (1)

    And select 3 upper-division course credits in economics.

    BA/MBA Program

    The Mills College Accelerated Degree Program allows majors in economics and other fields to earn both a BA and an MBA. The program is designed to be completed in five years, with all requirements for the BA degree completed during the first four years.

    Four-year Mills economics majors should declare their intention to enter the BA/MBA Program in their junior year. Transfers and majors in other fields should declare their intention two years before graduation to ensure that they have time to complete the following prerequisite courses:

    Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

    ECON 100 Microeconomic Theory (1)

    ECON 101 Macroeconomic Theory (1)

    Financial and Managerial Accounting

    ECON 073 Financial Accounting (1) 

    ECON 115 Managerial Accounting (1)

    Statistics and Econometrics

    ECON 081 Introduction to Statistics (1)

    ECON 164 Econometrics and Business
    Forecasting (1)

    Managerial Economics

    ECON 136 Managerial Economics (1)

    Corporate Finance

    ECON 116 Corporate Finance (1)

    An intensive summer internship between the fourth and fifth years of the program, along with the prerequisite courses, provides the necessary work and academic experience for the fifth-year MBA classes. Undergraduates are not eligible to take graduate courses in this program for credit toward their BA degrees.

    For more information see the BA/MBA Program in the Graduate Catalog.

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