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Degree Requirements
English Major
(12 semester course credits beyond ENG 001)

All students must choose an emphasis (literature or creative writing) at the time the major is declared.

Required for all majors:

ENG 010 Introduction to Literary Studies (1)

Three surveys of African American, American, or British Literature, two of which must be in historical and national sequence. Select from:

ENG 043 Survey of African American
Literature (1)

ENG 063 Survey of American Literature I (1)

ENG 064 Survey of American Literature II (1)

ENG 065 Survey of British Literature I (1)

ENG 066 Survey of British Literature II (1)

ENG 043 Survey of African American Literature may be taken in sequence with either ENG 063 or ENG 064.

Select either:

ENG 115 Shakespeare (1) or
ENG 074 (174) The Bible as Literature (1)

Senior Thesis Seminar, select either:

ENG 189 Senior Thesis in Creative Writing (1) or
ENG 191 Senior Thesis in Literature (1)

Six remaining courses chosen in consultation with major advisor; four of the six must be upper-division courses. For majors with an emphasis in creative writing, three of the six courses must be workshops, two of which must be upper division. (A student may take more than three workshops but only three will count toward the major). The six courses may include relevant literature courses taught in English in the departments and programs of English, French, Spanish, Ethnic Studies, and Book Art.

Thesis preparation: When an English major becomes a second-semester junior (at least 21.5 credits completed), she should attend a department-sponsored advising session led by thesis instructors each semester. During this session, the student will complete a general thesis proposal and indicate which semester she intends to take the thesis course. After the advising session, the student will be encouraged to meet with her advisor to discuss the thesis proposal and receive advising (on additional courses, research, etc.) to further prepare her prior to taking the thesis course.

Note: Transfer students with junior status will complete all of the requirements of the English major, except they must take two surveys (not three) in any sequence and they will choose seven (not six) remaining courses in consultation with their major advisor (total of 12 semester credits). Courses taken outside of Mills will be evaluated by the major advisor/department to determine which major requirements they may fulfill.

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English Minor
(6 semester credits beyond ENG 001)


ENG 010: Introduction to Literary Studies (1)

Two surveys from preceding list, any sequence (2)

ENG 115 Shakespeare (1) or
ENG 074 (174) The Bible as Literature (1)

Two upper-division courses in literature (2)

Note: The department does not offer a minor with an emphasis in creative writing.

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