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Ethnic Studies
Degree Requirements
Ethnic Studies Major  |  Ethnic Studies Minor
Ethnic Studies Major
(12 semester course credits)


ETHS 051 Introduction to Ethnic Studies (1)

ETHS 090 Comparative Ethnic Literature and Cultural Production (1)

ETHS 126 Theories of Race and Ethnicity (1)

ETHS 190 Research Methods with Communities of Color (1)

Senior Requirement:

ETHS 191 Senior Seminar (1)
Multi-ethnic, select two courses from the following:
ETHS 041 Inventing the "Other," Policing Differences (1)

ETHS 042 (142) Ethnicity and Environment in California (1)

ETHS 047 The "Third World": Colonialism and Globalization (1)

ETHS 064 Mixed Race Descent in the Americas (1)

ETHS 112 Race, Gender, and the Environment (1)

ETHS 113 Comics and Politics: Visual Culture, Power, and Ideology (1)

ETHS 154 Writing the Self: Autobiographies of People of Color in the US (1)

ETHS 156 Contemporary Queer Writers of Color (1)

ETHS 157 Race, Gender, and the Criminal Justice System (1–1.25)

ETHS 160 Militarism, Gender, and Ethnicity (1)

ETHS 166 Women of Color in Social Movements (1.25)

ETHS 180 Special Topics in Ethnic Studies (1)

ETHS 188 Film, Color, and Culture: Images of People of Color in Cinema (1)

Single-ethnic, select three courses from the following:

ETHS 039 Raíces (Roots): Latin America and the Caribbean (1)

ETHS 052 African American Women's History (1)

ETHS 054 American Indian History to 1900 (1)

ETHS 055 Law, Resistance, and Identity: American Indian History from 1900 (1)

ETHS 114 Representing Blackness: Film in African and the Diaspora (1)

ETHS 139 (239) Asian/Pacific American Women Writers (1)

ETHS 144 Writing Beyond Stereotypes: Asian Pacific American Literature (1)

ETHS 150 Black Feminist Theory (1)

ETHS 158 Latino Immigration (1–1.25)

ETHS 159 History of Latinas/os in the US (1–1.25)

ETHS 172 American Indian and Pacific Islander Women (1–1.25)

ETHS 173 Celluloid Native: American Indians in Film (1)

ETHS 180 Special Topics in Ethnic Studies (1)

Select two additional upper-division ethnic studies courses in consultation with major advisor.

Electives for Credit toward Ethnic Studies Major/Minor

ANTH 130 Ethnicity, Race, and Child Development (1)

ENG 117 20th-Century African American Literature (1)

ENG 147 Survey of 19th-Century African American Literature (1)

ENG 152 Poets of Color of the 20th and 21st Centuries (1)

ENG 157 Topics in African Literature (1)

HIST 118 The Civil Rights Movement in America: 1941 to Present (1)

HIST 151 African American History Since Emancipation (1)

LET 111 Theorizing Cultural Studies in the Americas (1)

LET 115 African and Caribbean Literatures (1)

LET 131 Aspects of Hispanic American Cultures (1)

LET 149 Post-Colonial Conditions: Contemporary Women's Writings from Africa (1)

LET 161 Women Writers of Spain, Latin America, and US Latinas (1)

MUS 170 African American Music: The Meaning and the Message (1)

SOC 129 Race and Ethnic Relations in the US (1)

SOC 132 Comparative Race and Ethnic Relations (1)

SOC 146 Sociology of Hip-Hop (1)

SOC 149 Sociology of US Immigration (1)

WGSS 105 Sexuality and the City (1)

WGSS 135 Race, Sexuality and the State (1)

WGSS 175 Transnational Sexualities (1)

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Ethnic Studies Minor
(6 semester course credits)

ETHS 051 Introduction to Ethnic Studies (1)

And select five additional ethnic studies courses, at least three of which must be from the core, multi-ethnic, or single-ethnic lists. Three courses must be upper division.

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