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The Psychology Department at Mills integrates scientific approaches to human behavior and its development with immediately practical issues of working with people and addressing their problems.

Each student devises, in consultation with her academic advisor, a study plan for the major that is the most appropriate preparation for her particular goal. Each plan includes psychology courses along with course work in other academic areas. Qualified students may cross-register at other nearby institutions for specialized courses not taught at Mills.

In addition to the regular major, the department offers an accelerated degree program leading to a BA in psychology and an MA in infant mental health. Eligible students interested in the development of young children in the context of their family and community begin planning their curriculum with their advisors during their sophomore year and apply for the accelerated program in their junior year. Acceptance to the BA/MA in Infant Mental Health requires approval of the faculty, successful completion of the course prerequisites, and an application to the graduate portion of the program through the Mills Graduate Division. Students may also elect a separate two-year master’s degree program in infant mental health if their prerequisites or course work do not permit acceptance to the accelerated program. See the IMH Program description in the Graduate Catalog for more information about these two options. Information about infant mental health and the accelerated degree program is provided by the Psychology Department on request.

During their final two years, many psychology majors enroll in internships that serve as career tryouts, giving them actual experience in the field and making them better prepared for graduate school. Approximately half of Mills psychology majors go on to graduate work in psychology, counseling, or social work. Others go to law school or medical school, able to use their knowledge in such areas as family medicine, psychiatry, pediatrics, or family law. Those who do not continue to graduate school use their majors in a variety of careers, such as personnel work.

The department has a strong research emphasis. Students have the opportunity to carry out independent research under the guidance of a faculty member or to participate in a faculty member's own research. One measure of the department's strength in teaching research techniques is that some Mills psychology majors present their research at professional and student research conferences.

Note: Majors are expected to take Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (PSYC 146) and Research Methods in Psychology (PSYC 151) at Mills. The department must approve any exceptions.

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