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Mills Cognition Lab Members


Dr. Christie Chung is an Associate Professor of Dr. Christie Chung Psychology at Mills College. She received her Honours BSc as a Psychology Specialist from University of Toronto, her MA and PhD in Applied Cognitive Psychology from Claremont Graduate University, and postdoctoral training in Behavioral Neuroscience at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). When Dr. Chung is not busy thinking about how memory changes with age, she enjoys baking, traveling around the world, going to the gym, playing music on her piano, and singing (PlayStation karaoke games!).

Research Assistants

Avalon Baldwin, class of 2014, is a Biopsychology major Avalon Baldwin interested in stress research, cognition, public health, neuropsychology, and language development, not to mention martial arts, delicious food and cats. She will be spending the next chapter of her life exploring the world through a biopsych lens and seeing where she best fits. She may end up in grad school or Europe or some place currently unknown to her. Time will tell. For now, there is data to play with.

Anne Cormia

Chelsea Dees, Research Assistant, is an undergraduate student at Mills College and she is majoring in Research Psychology. Chelsea Dees After she graduates in 2015, she plans on taking a year off to travel. She then plans on obtaining her doctoral degree in counseling and she hopes to become a therapist. Chelsea is interested in clinical psychology, specifically topics pertaining to eating disorders and women’s trauma. When she’s not studying psychology, Chelsea enjoys writing short stories and poetry, skateboarding, and exploring the Bay Area.

Julia Przemysalw, Research Assistant, is an undergraduate student in her junior year at Mills College. Julia Przemysalw Julia is majoring in research psychology and plans to continue her graduate education in children’s cognition and language acquisition. She is interested in how emotional distress impairs cognition and language in children, and the development of learning difficulties. In addition, Julia takes pleasure in traveling and all that is culinary.

Shannon Ryan, Senior Research Assistant, graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2010, taking her degree magna cum laude in Psychology. Shannon RyanShe developed an interest in working with people before college, and realized that academically, research in psychology fueled that goal. Her background is in educational psychology, with prior research focusing on the predictive validity of standardized fluency tests used in elementary schools across the United States. She is very interested in research in clinical psychology, particularly the development of adolescent girls and self-esteem. Shannon is also a staff member at Mills in the Admission Office. In her free time, she likes quirky British television and eating out at fine restaurants.

Frishta Sharifi, Senior Research Assistant, has graduated from Mills College, in 2008,Frishta SHarifi with a BA in psychology and a minor in women studies. Her goal is to enter a PhD program in clinical-cognitive psychology or neuro-psychology. She is very interested in research in humans' physical health and its relations to cognitive aging. In the field of women studies, Frishta is interested in exploring the conflicts that modern day women (in particular women of the east) experience in terms of reconciliation of their faith/traditions with the necessities of modernity. In her free time, she is busy with personal training and teaching group exercise classes in a gym.

Serena Tsang

Abby Yip, Senior Research Assistant, is an international undergraduate student from Hong Kong Abby Yip who has been studying at Mills College since 2010. She has always been fascinated by the field of psychology, and she is often intrigued by how the intricate human brain functions. Abby has a variety of interests, ranging from playing and listening to music to traveling and learning about the cultures of other places. In her free time, Abby also enjoys writing short stories and spending time with her family and friends.

Valeria Zaporozhets


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