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Spanish and Spanish American Studies

In accordance with the mission of Mills, the Spanish and Spanish American Studies Program offers an ideal academic setting and numerous opportunities for you to sharpen your skills and broaden your understanding of the language, literatures, and cultures of the world's Spanish-speaking peoples, while enhancing your professional options. Our program is guided by the notion that socially responsible women in today's world must be able to cross linguistic and cultural boundaries. Consequent with this principle, lower- and upper-division courses in our flexible major and minor programs offer you a unique educational experience to help you meet the complex challenges that characterize today's globalized world.

For the major and the minor, courses are offered on Spanish and Spanish American literature and culture, and on the history of Hispanic and pre-Hispanic civilizations. In upper-division courses, the Spanish and Spanish American studies student has the opportunity to acquire a solid knowledge of the richness of Hispanic literary and cultural traditions, in preparation for graduate studies in Spanish or for work in any field requiring exceptional skills in Spanish and an understanding of Hispanic culture. For the language beginner, we offer lively lower-division courses that emphasize the use of Spanish to communicate. Students wishing to practice their conversational skills and share their interest in Hispanic culture can benefit from two complementary opportunities. The Spanish Club is open to all students who want to participate in conversation and peer-led activities. The program is also linked to the Mills Peer Tutoring Program.

We encourage our majors to study in Latin America or Spain for one or two semesters through various study abroad programs with which Mills is affiliated. This gives the student an invaluable opportunity to perfect language skills and to obtain firsthand knowledge of the areas she is studying. We also encourage all of our students to increase their knowledge of Hispanic cultures by taking advantage of a wide variety of events in the Bay Area. These are complemented by our own annual Spring Lecture Series, Film Series, and guest lecturers. Recent topics include "Images of Women in Cuban Literature," "Rethinking Cultural and National Identity," "Images of Hispanic Women in Film," "Memory and Imagination," "Latin American Jewish Women Writers: Identity and Writing," "Contemporary Mexican Literature and Music," "Modernity and Cultural Pluralism in Spain and Latin America,"and "Latin American Film and Latin America in Translation." Additionally, a wealth of monographs, serials, and online resources are available to support students' work in Spanish and Spanish American studies. The Special Collections of Olin Library include the Arturo Torres-Rioseco collection of 20th-century Latin American literature, as well as early 20th-century limited editions such as Ovid’s Metamorphoses, with illustrations by Pablo Picasso.

For those who envision training in Spanish language and culture as an auxiliary skill to be coupled with another field of study, we offer a minor in Spanish and Spanish American studies requiring a total of 6 Mills credits to complete. Elementary Spanish I and Elementary Spanish II will count toward the Spanish minor.

Entering students unsure of their placement should take the Spanish placement test, available on Blackboard through the Mills Portal.

For more information on placement exams, visit the Office of the Provost's information page on the Mills website.

Mills College’s innovative Bachelor’s-to-Master’s Accelerated Degree Programs allow you to earn a master’s degree in one additional year of study. Combining a master’s degree with a liberal arts undergraduate education prepares you for career success and increased options upon graduation. Mills students in this major should consider one of these options:
Business Management (MBA)
Teacher Education
Interdisciplinary Computer Science
Public Policy

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