Directory of Offices

Board of Trustees

Mills College is incorporated under the laws of the State of California and is controlled by a Board of Trustees that is responsible for all its business and affairs. The board appoints the president of the College, who is the executive and educational head of the College and the chief executive officer of the faculty. The president is a member of the board and all its standing committees. The board, on recommendation of the president, also appoints principal officers of the College and members of the faculty.

There are 12 standing committees of the board. Community participation in board deliberations is assured through the structure of working committees of the board. Student and faculty leaders are members of the following standing committees of the board: Educational Policies, Enrollment and Financial Aid, and Student Life.

The Board of Trustees holds regular meetings in October, February, and May of each fiscal year. Standing committees meet off-cycle on an as needed basis. Trustees generally serve three-year terms and may be nominated to serve a maximum of three consecutive terms for a total of nine years of service.

Members of the Board of Trustees

Kathleen Burke
Chair, Mills Board of Trustees
Richard Barrett Union Leasing Corporation
Wendyce H. Brody '68 Retired
Earl F. Cheit Honorary Trustee
Gordon H. Chong Chong Partners Architecture
Joan Danforth '53 Honorary Trustee
Alecia A. DeCoudreaux Mills President
Melissa Stevenson Dile '91 Alumna Trustee; City of Mountainview
N.T. Lucy Do '75 President, AAMC Board of Governors
Troy Duster Professor, University of California
Lyn Flanigan '65 Attorney; retired
James Fowler Apple, Inc.
Nan Gefen Founding Editor/Publisher, Persimmon Tree
Sandra Hernandez San Francisco Foundation
Maryellen Cattani Herringer Attorney
Mei Kwong '70 Career Coach and Consultant
Maribelle Leavitt Clinical Professor, UCSF; retired
Lorry I. Lokey Honorary Trustee
Karen May '86 Google, Inc.
John McDonnell Reed Smith LLP
Alexandra Moses '64 Datex Technologies, Inc.
Helen Drake Muirhead '58 Trustee Emerita
Diana Odermatt '60 Alumna Trustee
Irene Panagopoulos '85 Magna Marine, Greece
Liz Parker '85 Civic, Community, and School Volunteer
Eric Roberts Morrison & Foerster LLP
Alma Robinson California Lawyers for the Arts
Katie Sanborn '83 OTR Global LLC
Katherine Schapiro Sentinel Asset Management
Marjan Soleimanieh '11  Recent Graduate Trustee
Clare H. Springs '66 Honorary Trustee
Vivian Stephenson Honorary Trustee
Roselyne C. Swig Trustee Emerita
Modesta Tamayo '12 Recent Graduate Trustee
Evelyn Thorne '48 Trustee Emerita
Linda Cohen Turner '68 The College Choice
Glenn Voyles Investment Manager, retired
Margaret B. Wilkerson Professor Emerita, University of California, Berkeley
Barbara A. Wolfe '65 Corporate Executive; retired


Last Updated: 7/15/13