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Student Awards 2013-2014

Elizabeth Mudd Senior Prize
Katrina Wehmeyer   
This monetary award was established in 1927 for excellence in scholarship.

Aurelia Henry Reinhardt Faculty Purse for Graduate Study
Kristen Hanley Cardozo  
Established in 1949, this award is given to an outstanding graduate provides support for graduate study abroad or in the US.

Phi Beta Kappa Society
Karen Gordon, Alison Green, Kristen Hanley Cardozo, Hannah Hilkey, Heather Myers, Amelia Parmidge, Alexandra Sheffield, Minna Smith, Meagan Travlos, Katrina Wehmeyer, Katherine Williams, Christina Yglesias

Members are elected each year in acknowledgement of their high scholarly achievements, their pursuit of liberal learning, and their intellectual integrity and curiosity. Mills College was granted a charter by the national honor society of Phi Beta Kappa on September 12, 1928. Zeta Chapter in the State of California was installed March 16, 1929.

National Society of Collegiate Scholars
Kendall Anderson, Hannah Baldwin, Zoe Binsch, Emma Bolton, Clara Burton, Lauren Cabrera, Alysa Cisneros, Maria Contreras, Geena Damian, Naza Djelic, Lila Dunlap, Meagan Durfee, Raquel Glassner, Alexis Jiminez, Casey Lynn, Kristy Matye, Haley Murayama, Brighton Nivers, Danelis Padron, Lily Radanovich, Anastasia Reshetikhin, Elizabeth Schutlz, Serie Sekijima, Eileen Social Alana Stevenson, Stephanie Szanto, Samantha Tran, Kahler Verrill, France Viana, Kieu-Tien Vo
An honor society inviting high-achieving freshmen and sophomores. Members must have a GPA of 3.4 or above and rank in the top 20 percent of their class.

Outstanding Teaching Award
Jay Gupta, Priya Kandaswamy

The Outstanding Teaching Award recognizes a faculty member(s) who has created an inclusive classroom environment that supports the academic success of all students.

Departmental Awards

Grace "Ty" Searing Dhaemers Art History Award
Gabriella Amberchan, Maggie Freeman, France Viana
This art history award is based on academic merit and given to juniors who will be returning to Mills as seniors in the fall.

Ralph DuCasse Endowed Scholarship
Connie Jo Lee

This scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior majoring in studio art with an emphasis in drawing and painting.

Hung Liu Prize
Sarah Beckstrom

For excellence in studio art.

Jay DeFeo MFA Prize
Gwynessa Balvanz, David Moh, Kate Rhoades

Established under the terms of the artist's will through an endowment to Mills College, the Jay DeFeo Prize at Mills College is awarded annually to one (or more) graduating Master of Fine Arts student(s) in Studio Art.

Wellhausen Family Award
Christina Yglesias

This award, in honor of Dorothy Bank, is given for the Senior Show.

Eleanor E. Crum Award
Veva Edelson

This prize was established in 1968 from the estate of William L. Crum in honor of his wife. This award is given to students for excellence in ceramics.

Athletics, Physical Education & Recreation

Eugene Trefethen Award
Lora ChauDavis

This award recognizes the graduating senior scholar-athlete with the highest cumulative GPA.

Karen Koshak Prize
Allison Enriquez

This award is given in recognition of an exemplary healthy, well-balanced and physically active lifestyle and promotion of the physical education program.

Caryl Parker Haskins Prize
Kryslin Nishibun

This prize was established in 1966 in honor of former Trustee Dr. Haskins for distinction in the life sciences.

John Harris Award
Imani Russell

For academic excellence in biology.

Biology Department Above and Beyond Award
Elizabeth Newman

For outstanding contribution.

Book Art
Rosalind Keep Book Art Award
Veronica Sutter

This award recognizes general excellence in the area of book art as well as a substantial contribution to the program.

Center for the Book Award for Excellence in Book Art
Isabel Duffy

This award sponsored by Mills College Center for the Book, recognizes a student who has made a significant commitment to book art throughout her undergraduate studies and has demonstrated overall excellence in her classes and projects.

Alie Ogborn Jackson Barry Prize
Ashley Gooden

Established by a gift from Mrs. Aphia Wallan in memory of her mother, this is awarded to an outstanding chemistry student.

Computer Science
Helen Pillans Award
Amelia Parmidge, Colin Lockard

This award is given in honor of Helen Pillans, who taught at Mills for many years and was responsible for the establishment of the computer science program in the 1960's.

Lennox-McEntyre Award
Ching Yu

This award is given for excellence in computer science and contributions to the computer science community. Formerly Diane McEntyre Award, recently renamed the Lennox-McEntyre Award, in honor of the late Carol Lennox.

Dance Department Merit and Spirit Award
Kim Ip

This award is given for overall artistic and academic merit.

Dance Department Innovative Performer Award
Thea Anderson

This award is given for innovation in performance.

Dance Department Leadership Award
Joslynn Mathis Reed

This award is given for leadership in dance.

E. L. Wiegand Foundation Dance Department Innovator Award
Aisan Hosseinzadehdezaj, Jenna Jones, Shannon Stubblefield, Adreinne Swan

This award is given for exceptional originality in performance and choreography.

E. L. Wiegand Foundation Merit Award
Alyssa Carnahan

This award is given for excellence in performance and choreography.

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Marion Ross Merit Scholarship
Federica Beatrice

This award is given in honor of Dr. Marion Ross, respected alumna and former economics professor at Mills. It is awarded for excellence in economics.

Nancy Thornborrow Endowed Prize
Ashley Mockett

This award is named in honor of Professor Nancy Thornborrow for her creative leadership, and is awarded to one or more undergraduate alumna/e, outstanding students enrolled in the accelerated degree program who plans to earn an MBA from Mills in two semesters of full-time graduate study.

Omicron Delta Epsilon
Zoë Blank, Tonya Bruce, Javkhlantugs Cupp, Kriti Khari, Lauren Leverone, Erika Refsland, Sasha Ryerson, Rosemarie Sarinas-Wong, Alexis Savage, Daniella Smith, Acacia Wong

Omicron Delta Epsilon is the International Honorary Society in Economics. Students are selected based on their performance in economics courses and are selected from economics, business economics and PLEA-econ majors.

Honors in the Major
Zoë Blank, Tonya Bruce, Javkhlantugs Cupp, Kriti Khari, Lauren Leverone, Erika Refsland, Sasha Ryerson, Daniella Smith, Acacia Wong

Joan Henry Endowed Scholarship
Stephanie Manseau

This award recognizes an undergraduate child development major who demonstrates a strong history and continuing commitment to early childhood education.

Jane Bowyer Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teacher Education
Kitty Li, Rose Lopez, Alex Toledo

This award is for excellence in undergraduate teacher education

Senior Recognition for Excellence in Research and Practice in Child Development Award
Lindsey Bozym, Samantha Curran, Andrea Delgado-Olson, Rebecca Drury, Marita Fodor, Vanessa Garcia, Amanda Horel, Kitty Li, Sophie Mayer, Corinne Rakes, Mollie Roark, Nina Rogers, Jennifer Thao, Erin Watts

This award is to recognize students for excellence in research and practice in child development.

Masters in Education with an Emphasis in Teaching Social Justice
Michelle Wong

Masters in Education with an Emphasis in Teaching Classroom Research
Gina Boccio

Humanities Credential Social Justice
Elliott Jones

Humanities Credential Reflective and Integrated Practice
Heather Heistand

Mid-Career Math and Science Credential Social Justice
Christine Aquizar

Mid-Career Math and Science Credential Reflective and Integrated Practice
Lauren Stoll

Multiple Subject Credential Social Justice
Kampala Taiz-Rancifer

Multiple Subject Credential Reflective and Integrated Practice
Alessia Cook

Alpha Delta Kappa Excellence in Student Teaching Scholarship
Miriam Leshin

This is given by the Peralta Council chapters of Alpha Delta Kappa, an international honorary sorority. It is a scholarship for the professional development of outstanding female teachers during their student teaching experience.

Mary Merritt Henry Prize
Undergraduate Poetry—Mira Mason-Reader
Graduate Poetry—Ariel Strong

Established in 1921, these prizes are awarded for a group of poems by students.

Ardella Mills Prize for Literary Composition
Undergraduate—Joana Brito
Graduate—Jennifer Williams

Creative Nonfiction:
Undergraduate—Gil Sosnik
Honorable Mention—Mackenzie Fargo
Graduate—Aiden Thomas
Honorable Mention—Venus Jones

Critical Essay:
Undergraduate—Chloe Horsma
Honorable Mention—Amanda Dutt
Graduate—Diana Newby
Honorable Mention—Maisha Quint

Prizes given for excellence in literary composition was established in 1931, by a bequest of Maria Elizabeth Mills, in memory of her daughter.

Marion Hood Boess Haworth Prize
Undergraduate—Chloe Horsma
Honorable Mention—Kristen Hanley Cardozo
Graduate—Aiden Thomas

The award is given for excellence in fiction for children's and young adult literature.

English I Essay Prize
Ruellia Zhang, Molly Roberts
This award is for an essay written in English 001 class for both fall and spring semesters.

Journalism Prize
Natalie Meyer
Honorable Mention—Ari Nussbaum

This prize is given for excellence in reporting and writing.

Amanda Davis MFA Thesis in Fiction Award
Abbie Amadio
Honorable Mention—Melissa Sipin

This thesis prize for fiction is in memory of Mills English professor Amanda Davis who died in a plane crash while promoting her first novel in March 2003.

Ethnic Studies
Ethnic Studies Outstanding Academic Scholar Award
Evan Kravette

This award recognizes a student(s) who has achieved overall academic excellence in the department.

Reaching Beyond Award
Fatimah Salahuddin

This award recognizes excellence in building coalitions between communities of color on campus and through service to the community. This award highlights the importance of building unity in diversity in order to achieve social change.

The Spirit of Dolores Huerta Award
Chantel Gammage

This award recognizes the student who has demonstrated the kind of courageous and conscientious pursuit of justice as evinced in the person of Dolores Huerta.

French and Francophone Studies
Germaine Thompson Prize
Brenda Gonzalez, Amelia Parmidge

This award was established by Germaine K. Thompson in 1985 in admiration of the excellent teaching of Martha Cottam. It is awarded for excellence in French.

Phi Sigma Alpha
Priscilla Falter, Elspeth A. Ralls

Phi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honor society was founded in 1920 at the University of Texas for the purpose of bringing together students and faculty interested in the study of government and politics. Today there are over 600 chapters throughout the country. Mills College is home to the Phi Eta chapter.

Anne Hummel Sherrill Scholarship
Samantha McGuire
This scholarship is awarded to the top junior student in history. The award is determined in the spring and applied toward senior year tuition.

Reynold M. Wik Prize
Emily Dixon, Michele Ezaki, Montana Macdonald

Established in 1998, this prize is awarded to the outstanding senior in history.

Phi Alpha Theta
Margaret Davis, Alexandra Graff, Rachel Jurasevich, Sophie MacArthur, Rebecca Raines, Jeanette Sozanski, Chandra Yang

Phi Alpha Theta is the national honor society for history whose mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians.

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Lenore Blum Award
Katherine Allen, Erika Refsland

Formerly George Backus Brown Award, this is awarded for outstanding scholastic achievement in mathematics.

Elizabeth Mills Crothers Award
Mateo Lugo, Peter Sloan, Brett Carson

Endowed in 1931 by Maria Elizabeth Mills in memory of her daughter, this is awarded for outstanding musical composition.

Maurthea Friedberger Cup
Mi Bella D'Augelli

This award is given to the most outstanding senior music major.

Paul Merritt Henry Prize
Pauchi Sasaki-Otani, Katherine McDonald

This prize was established in 1928 by Aurelia Henry Reinhardt during her presidency at Mills as a memorial to her brother. It is awarded for excellence in the musical composition of stringed instruments.

Frog Peak Collective Experimental Music Award
Madalyn Merkey, Bill Baird

This is awarded to a graduate student who has completed an outstanding thesis on experimental music or who has contributed to the community of experimental musicians.

Margaret Lyon Music Student Prize
Rebecca Kopulsky, Leiya Mahoney, Jacob Peck, Scott Siler,

Established in 2004 in memory of Dr. Margaret Lyon, head of the music department for twenty-five years, by her family, friends and students. This prize is awarded to outstanding music students.

Flora Boyd Piano Performance Prize
Julie Moon

This award is given for outstanding piano performance.

Music Department Community Spirit Award
Crystal Pascucci, Benjamin Salomon

This award is given to students for excellence in performance.

Myrta Bennett Wieland Prize
Tim Kim

This award is given for excellence in vocal performance.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division
Bruce McCollum Prize
Amelia Parmidge

Established in 1960 by Mrs. Bruce McCollum in memory of her husband, this award is given to a senior majoring in science or mathematics with the highest attainment in scholarship.

Public Policy
Public Policy Student of the Year
Rebecca McElvain

This award is given to a student for academic excellence and outstanding service.

Cheryl Sundheim Psychology Undergraduate Research Award
Avalon Baldwin, Hannah Hilkey, Katlyn Marchini, Emily Peters, Lauren Ross, Katrina Weymeyer

This award is presented for undergraduate research in psychology.

Queer Studies
Queer Studies Essay Prize
Sophie Kreeger

This award is presented for the best queer studies essay or nonfiction paper.

Sociology and Anthropology
Anthropology Student of the Year
Heather Myers

This award is given for outstanding contributions and volunteer service in anthropology.

Sociology Students of the Year
Anna Bowman, Kristy Palomares

Established in 1998, this honor is awarded for active contributions to the sociology program at Mills in addition to the achievement of academic excellence.

Spanish and Spanish-American Studies
Gabriela Mistral Prize
Monse Garcia

In honor of Gabriela Mistral, the first Latin American woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1945. She received a Doctorate Honoris Causa from Mills College in 1947. Awarded to graduating seniors for excellent academic work in the field of Hispanic letters.

Maria Naumann-Etienne Prize
Ashley Duran-Colburn, Caitlin Hoshino-Fish, Jessica Lopez, Loreli Mann, Brooke Porter, Lauren Thiemann, Kelsey Whiteside

For Spanish and Spanish American studies students who have a special interest in South American literature and culture.

Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Essay Prize
Chloe Horsma

This award is given to an undergraduate student for the best women's, gender and sexulity studies essay or nonfiction paper.

Zimmer Prize
Heather Fuchs

This is awarded for outstanding scholarship and community service in women's, gender and sexuality studies.

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Leadership and Service Awards

Outstanding Senior Award
Alheli Cuenca,  Deborah Gartside
This award was established to honor a graduating senior who has demonstrated strength in scholarship and extraordinary service to Mills and the local community. Criteria are divided into four areas: scholarship, on-campus activities, off-campus activities, and special initiative.

Student Organization of the Year
Black Women's Collective
This award is presented to an organization that has demonstrated campus leadership; collaboration with other student organizations, faculty, and staff; and devotion to educating its members and the broader community. This organization's events, activities, and presence help support both the college's and the ASMC's mission.

Student Organization Advisor of the Year
Jenn Wells
This award recognizes a campus advisor(s) who dedicates time and resources to the advancement of a club or organization. This person exemplifies the college's mission, acts as a positive change agent, fosters high ideals, and provides sustained support to a club or organization. This person offers support to students through mentorship, guidance, and advocacy. She or he serves as an educator and role model for undergraduate students at Mills College.

Christine LaFia Award
Chantel Gammage
This award is given to students for outstanding service to Mills College.

Katherine Allen, Gabriella Amberchan, Lora ChaoDavis, Maribel Garcia, Deborah Gartside, Victoria Gurrola, Julia Harencar, Alice Hewitt, Meghan Hinsch, Casey Honath, Valeska Munoz, Kristy Palomares, Rachel Quimby, Sarah Westbrook
Founded in 1930, this distinctive honor society recognizes juniors and seniors who combine academic excellence with service to Mills.

Peg Dean Award
Phuong Tseng
This award was established by alumna Edyth Chang to recognize an Asian American student for leadership on campus.

Helen Carroll Award
Skylar Crownover
This is an award given to a faculty, staff or student for dedication to securing equal rights and combating discrimination of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Coleen Gragen Award
Casey Honath, Lidia Habtetsion
Created in honor of a Mills College Personal Defense Instructor, this award recognizes Mills faculty, staff, or student who exemplify Gragen's lifelong dedication to the advocacy of women.

Shirley Weishaar Award
Jennifer Thao
Created in honor of a former Dean of Students, this award recognizes outstanding service to the Division of Student Life.

Student Leadership in Campus Sustainability
Lora ChauDavis
Awarded in honor of outstanding stewardship of the Mills College campus and for encouraging the local community to create sustainable practices.

Mills of Color Awards
Mills of Color Awards recognizes students, faculty or staff of color for outstanding achievement and service. Each of the following categories honors both individual accomplishments and the creation of community change:

MOCA Emerging Leader of the Year
Kaniya Samm
This award recognizes a student who has exhibited exemplary leadership.

MOCA Junior Leader of the Year
Mahsa Kashani
This award recognizes a junior who has exhibited exemplary leadership.

MOCA Senior Leader of the Year
Maritza Arreola
This award recognizes a senior who has exhibited exemplary leadership.

MOCA Graduate Leader of the Year
Venus Jones
This award recognizes a graduate student who has exhibited exemplary leadership.

MOCA Student Organization of the Year
Black Women’s Collective, Indigenous Women's Alliance
This award recognizes an organization who has demonstrated outstanding collaboration, leadership, and dedication to Mills and the greater community.

MOCA Outstanding Athlete
Maribel Garcia
This award recognizes a student who has participated in sports at Mills and has exhibited exemplary leadership.

MOCA Artist of the Year
Anna Torres, Makaiwa Tong
This award recognizes a student who has exhibited excellence in art.

MOCA for Community Service
Shanna Hullaby, Cristal Lopez
This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated a commitment to community involvement and academic success.

MOCA for Community Activism
Joyelle Baker
This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated leadership in activism within the Mills and nonMills community.

MOCA Staff Member of the Year
Lauren Bartlett
This award recognizes a staff member who has demonstrated outstanding support to students through mentorship, guidance, and advocacy.

MOCA Faculty Member of the Year
Dr. Priya Kandaswamy, Dr. Julia Oparah
This award recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding support to students through mentorship, guidance, and advocacy.

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