Bachelor's to Master's Accelerated Degrees

Mills offers seven accelerated programs that make it possible for you to earn both a bachelor's and a master's degree—increasing your career options after college. For some programs, you can choose any undergraduate major and continue on to earn an advanced degree in a different field if you meet all program requirements. All you need to do is decide what interests you most and make your academic plans!


An MBA opens doors for you to choose from a variety of business careers, and our program makes it possible for you to attain both a bachelor's degree and an MBA in five years.

Our MBA Program prepares students with a practical management degree in a personalized, supportive, and empowering environment that is designed to advance women in business. Students can choose from six areas: accounting, finance, global business, marketing, nonprofit management, or socially responsible business. Students learn in an inspiring new facility with the best of contemporary architecture and sustainable building features, including floor-to-ceiling windows, a living green roof, and the space to work in teams, just as you will on the job.

Taking advantage of the College’s location in the San Francisco Bay Area, the program includes a range of internship options between your fourth and fifth year. Companies that have hired our graduates include Bay City Capital, a life sciences venture capital firm; Community Housing Development Corporation, a nonprofit dedicated to community development; Environmental Resources Management, an environmental consulting services provider; and many other organizations, including Credit Suisse/First Boston, Cushman & Wakefield, e-Modelers, Google, Kaiser Permanente, MMA Financial, PayPal,, Southern California Edison, Southern Wine & Spirits, and United Airlines.

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Computer Science

How does technology intersect with art, music, psychology, social justice, and the environment?

The Interdisciplinary Computer Science Program allows you to pursue a non-computer science undergraduate major while simultaneously working on the degree requirements for an MA in interdisciplinary computer science. This unique program makes it possible to explore the intersections between your major and the world of computers.

For example, a BA in English with a creative writing emphasis and an MA in computer science may lead to a career writing about technology. Combining a BA in music and an MA in computer science might result in your composing electronic music, working in the recording industry, or developing new musical technologies. Joint BA/MA study in political, legal, and economic analysis and computer science may inspire a path in nonprofit information technology.

Graduates of this program are leading the way in applying technology to their disciplines and have found employment with companies and educational institutions, including Apple, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, and the Chabot Space and Science Center.

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Education/Early Childhood

Interested in making a difference in the lives of young children?

The nationwide shortage of well-prepared early childhood educators gives you an opportunity to serve an important role in impacting the future of infants and young children. Our renowned School of Education has created a new accelerated degree program that enables you to earn a bachelor’s degree in child development and a master’s degree in education with an early childhood emphasis.

As part of your education, you will have the opportunity to access the resources of the Mills College Children’s School—the oldest laboratory school on the West Coast. In addition, you may engage in mentored research projects with faculty advisors, such as in the Language Development Laboratory, and participate in professional networking forums for early childhood leaders.

You will learn the theoretical and practical foundations necessary to enter a variety of interdisciplinary fields related to early childhood education, and your additional year of graduate study will prepare you to take on leadership, teaching, and research roles in your career.

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Education/Teaching Credential

Are you interested in becoming a teacher?

Our program in teacher education allows you to complete a bachelor's degree, a master's degree in education emphasizing teaching or early childhood, and a California teacher credential—in just five years.

Emphasizing teaching in urban, culturally rich settings, our teacher education program is highly experiential—you will spend many hours in the classroom, observing, assisting, and—in your fifth year—student teaching. Students interested in this program begin taking education classes in their sophomore or junior years and apply for formal admission into the program at the end of the junior year.

You will be able to choose from the following teaching credentials:

  • Multiple Subjects Credential with Early Childhood Emphasis (K-12, recommended for K-6)
  • Multiple Subjects Credential (K-12, recommended for K-6)
  • Single Subject Credential—Art, English, French, Spanish, and Social Studies (6-12)
  • Single Subject Credential—Math and Science (6-12)

Today, graduates of our programs work worldwide in schools, hospitals, and social service and government agencies, and in special programs for children, adolescents, and adults. Our alumnae/i have started their own schools, written articles and books, become university professors and researchers, and advocated for children of all ages.

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Infant Mental Health

The interdisciplinary field of infant mental health is grounded in the idea that early intervention can prevent future mental health problems from developing.

Mills College is a leader in this emerging field that combines the disciplines of psychology and education in a curriculum that looks at biological and interpersonal circumstances, such as family violence, that put children at risk for future mental illnesses.

The Infant Mental Health Program, the only one of its kind in the nation, enables you to earn a BA in psychology and an MA in infant mental health in five years. This program combines undergraduate and graduate specialized course work with a broad liberal arts curriculum. In the fifth year, after you complete your BA, you explore research or clinical work with children from birth through age five.

Some graduates of this program pursue additional graduate training; others become infant mental health specialists working in pediatric clinics, child care settings, classrooms, social services agencies, regional centers, and children's homes.

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Biotechnology. Cryptography. Statistics. Actuarial science. Computer science. Engineering. These are some of the fields that require the rigorous analytical and abstract thinking skills of a mathematician.

At Mills, you can choose to study a variety of topics, including algebra, algebraic geometry, algebraic logic, analysis, biostatistics and mathematical biology, combinatorics, computational mathematics, geometry, linear algebra, logic, number theory, representation theory, and topology.

Graduating with the skills fostered by a liberal arts and sciences degree—strong communication and research skills, adaptability, and a broad knowledge base—combined with an MA in mathematics will prepare you for doctoral programs in mathematical science or in academic, industry, and government jobs that require pure or applied mathematics.

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Public Policy

Public service offers one of the most stimulating and rewarding careers you can pursue, and the Mills Public Policy Program prepares students to forge a career in this important field.

Our program enables students from all majors to earn a bachelor of arts degree and a master's degree in public policy in five years. The program stresses the development of strong analytical skills; an understanding of how social, political, and economic factors affect policy; and hands-on experience. One of our recent graduates was so successful with her senior thesis that it led to a $257,000 transportation grant from Caltrans, California's transportation agency, to find solutions to the community problems caused by a major nearby freeway.

Public policy graduates tackle pressing social problems from water pollution and housing access to transportation and criminal justice reform. They work as policy designers, program evaluators, or program managers in government agencies, legislative offices, or nonprofits. Some apply their skills globally with international aid and development organizations.

Whatever direction you choose, you can be certain that your work will make a difference.

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Explore. Prepare. Succeed.

Earn both a bachelor's and a master's degree in one of our seven accelerated programs:

BA/MBA Business Administration

BA/MA Computer Science

BA/MA Early Childhood Education

BA/MA Education/Teaching Credential

BA/MA Infant Mental Health

BA/MA Mathematics

BA/MPP Public Policy

Last Updated: 1/28/14