Financial Assistance

Understanding Financial Aid

Financial aid is an umbrella term that includes scholarships, grants, loans, employment, or work-study. The most important thing to know about financial aid is: apply—the sooner the better. It’s the only way to know whether you qualify.

Apply as soon after January 1 of the year you plan to attend Mills. Typically you will need to complete the following forms, though others may be required:

  1. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Federal School Code for Mills College is: 001238.
  2. The Mills College Financial Aid Form. This is for new undergraduates only.
  3. The Cal Grant GPA Verification Form. This is for California residents only.
  4. The Noncustodial Parent’s Statement. This is for new, dependent undergraduates only and should be completed by the noncustodial parent in the case of a divorce, separation, or if the parents were never married.

Finally, we are here to help. Applying for financial aid can be intimidating. If you have questions about anything related to financial aid, contact the Mills Financial Aid Office within the M Center at 510.430.2000 or

Financial Aid Defined

Scholarships—Merit scholarships typically are awarded in recognition of academic achievement or to support a particular talent or interest at Mills, such as science, leadership, or music. Other scholarships are awarded based on financial need. Scholarships do not have to be repaid.

Grants—Grants typically are awarded based on financial need and are available from the federal government and the California state government (for state residents). Grants do not have to be repaid.

Loans—Loans are available from the federal government and private sources. Some loans are based upon financial need while others may not be. Loans have to be paid back with interest.

Work-Study/Employment—You may qualify for work-study based on financial need, which allows you to work on campus, gain work experience, and earn money. If you do not qualify for on-campus work-study, off-campus opportunities may be available. Whether you’re looking for an on-campus or off-campus job, the Career Services Office can help you.


Last Updated: 11/2/09