The Mills First-Year Experience

Making your first year a great year.

Whatever your age, living on campus or commuting, interested in dance, public policy, biochemistry, or Asian studies, your first year at Mills will inspire, provoke, and change you.

As exciting as change is, it's also challenging. How do you relate to someone from a completely different background? How do you balance student activities with midterms and finals? How do you figure out what to do with your life?

To make your first year a great experience, here are some of the programs we offer to help:

SO Mills—Our four-day New Student Orientation will introduce you to all things Mills. From learning to log on to our wireless network to connecting to helpful resources to attending your first candle-lighting ceremony, SO Mills will immerse you in your new college life.

What do you get out of it? Lots of new friends and important information about your education.

Themed Housing Communities—If you are a first-year residential student, you will live in a Themed Housing Community. These communities give you the opportunity to connect with students who share a similar interest as well as participate in outings, programs, and in some cases, classes directly related to your themed community.

What do you get out of it? Even more new friends and the chance to get to know your faculty and staff community advisors really well.

Academic Advising—You'll have a member of our faculty dedicated to supporting you in achieving your educational goals. You'll work one-on-one with this advisor to customize your schedule to your interests and academic needs. Your advisor will be someone you can consult about choosing a major, connecting to academic support services, and learning about other scholarly opportunities.

What do you get out of it? A clearer sense of direction and a schedule that will help you grow.

Tutoring Support—Sooner or later you may encounter a class where you need some extra help. Our Writing Center can help you improve your writing skills (stronger papers equal better grades). Our Peer Tutoring Program can help you with everything from study habits to specific help in classes such as math, biology, chemistry, physics, French, and many others.

What do you get out of it? Increased knowledge, confidence, and stronger grades.

Things To Try At Mills

  • Sleep outside on one of our California sleeping porches.
  • Take a class in Capoeira, a Brazilian aerobic self-defense art form.
  • Attend Reg Fest to see which of Mills' 40-plus majors appeal to you.
  • Stop by Career Services to learn about internships and careers.
  • Visit the F. W. Olin Library's Special Collections, featuring a copy of Shakespeare's First Folio.
  • Have tea with the President of Mills or enjoy Taco Tuesday with Mills alumnae.
  • Enjoy an experimental music concert in the majestic Littlefield Concert Hall.
  • Participate in one (or a half dozen) of Mills' 50 or so clubs—or create your own.
  • Attend an art opening and reception at the Mills College Art Museum.
  • Harvest organic herbs and vegetables from the Mills Community Garden.
  • Volunteer at a local nonprofit advocating for social justice.

Last Updated: 12/10/14