Find your place—

In an environment of diverse ages, backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints.

The Mills campus and classrooms are enlivened by the sound of women from all walks of life—sharing ideas, debating policy, and speaking out against injustice.

We owe our rich campus climate to the wide range of students and professors who walk our halls. Whether you are 18, 25, or 50, your life experience will inform and enlighten your classmates—as theirs in turn will transform you.

Students say they find their voices at Mills. But they also learn to listen.

Are you a resuming student?

Are you 23 years of age or older with no college experience? Then you are a resuming student and should apply for first-year admission (if you have never attended college) or transfer admission (if you have some college experience).


Helpful Information:


Women 23 years of age or older who have delayed entrance to college, or who wish to resume work toward the bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree, are considered resumers. Students who have completed course work at another college must apply for transfer admission. If, however, a student has completed more than 24 semester hours of transferable college work, submission of standardized test results (SAT or ACT) is optional.

Resumers who have no previous college experience must apply for first-year admission and should contact the Office of Admissions to speak with an admission counselor.

All resumers must have either a high school diploma, a GED, a state-approved high school proficiency exam, or an associate's degree. High school proficiency diplomas are not acceptable. Official secondary school transcripts must be submitted by all students. You must also provide one letter of recommendation from one instructor if you have recently attended college, or a letter of recommendation from an employer if you have not.

Mills does not offer a special program for resuming women. Resumers are merged with the traditional-aged population and typically enroll as full-time students. Over 20 percent of the undergraduate population are resumers. An informal network has been established through the Mary Atkins Association, a campus resumer student organization.

Application Deadlines


Application Plans




Early Action
(First-Year Students Only)

November 15



Regular Decision
(First-Year Students Only)

January 15




April 1

Late April


First-Year Students

November 1

Early December

Resuming Students FAQs

What does Mills have to offer resumers?
Mills offers an exceptional liberal arts and sciences curriculum, including the foundation necessary for advanced study. Over 20 percent of our undergraduates are resumers, and they find that the campus welcomes students of all ages.

I am 25 (or 35... or 55...) years old. Will I be out of place with traditional-aged undergraduates?
With over 20 percent of the undergraduate population over the age of 23, you will find many resumers at Mills. Classes have a lively mix of all ages at Mills.

What if I can't get letters of recommendation?
Please telephone the Office of Undergraduate Admission to discuss your particular situation.

Is there child care on campus?
Yes. The School of Education houses the oldest laboratory school on the West Coast. Founded in 1926, the Children's School offers programs for children from five months of age through fifth grade. While students receive priority consideration, early application is advised. For an application or further information please contact the Children's School at 510.430.2118.

Resuming Students In Their Own Words


Challenging herself in new ways

Exposure to a new discipline helped Ashley discover a fulfilling academic path.


Exploring a lifelong passion for social justice

Shunkila's interest in ethnic studies made the globally aware community at Mills a perfect fit.


We welcome students with life experience.

  • 16% of Mills undergraduates are resumers—students 23 years of age or older.
  • Half identify as students of color.
  • Mills students come from 41 states and 6 countries.

Last Updated: 10/22/13