Special Programs


Are you interested in nursing? More to the point: are you interested in becoming a nurse leader, someone who works in international relief, hospital administration, patient advocacy, or medical research?

The Nursing Program at Mills enables you to earn a bachelor of science degree in nursing by combining two years of liberal arts and sciences at Mills with two years of clinical study at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland. By earning a minimum 3.0 GPA in your Mills and transferred course work and achieving the required score on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), you are guaranteed admission into the nursing program at Samuel Merritt. Your nursing degree will be awarded by Samuel Merritt University.

In addition to offering a rigorous curriculum of core nursing sciences augmented with a rich array of humanities and social sciences courses, Mills provides additional career preparation through a one-of-a-kind Nursing Leadership Program (NLP). Taking a “beyond-the-bedside” approach, the NLP sponsors leadership workshops and brings Mills alumnae and other nursing professionals to campus to discuss nursing career options to help develop your full leadership potential.

If you are interested in nursing, please visit our frequently asked questions about the Nursing Program, or learn more about our transfer guidelines if you would like to transfer to Mills.


Did you know that engineers design cell phones? Bring clean water to communities in desperate need? Build hospitals? Work on alternative fuel technology? And write computer games (among many other things)?

In our 3+2 Engineering Program, you can earn two bachelor's degrees in just five years—increasing your career options after college. Spend three years at Mills fulfilling the requirements for a liberal arts degree (typically in the sciences, computer science, or mathematics) while earning the prerequisite science and mathematics credits for engineering. You then transfer to the School of Engineering at the University of Southern California (USC) to complete your engineering major in one of the following areas: biomedical, chemical, computer, electrical, environmental, or industrial systems engineering. Students who earn a minimum 3.0 GPA at Mills gain priority admission to the School of Engineering at USC.

Upon completion of the five-year program, you will receive a BA from Mills and a BS from USC. Learn more »

Public Radio Reporting

Mills classes in public radio reporting not only equip you to write and produce stories for broadcast, they also introduce you to the role of public interest journalism and pressing issues in your Oakland community.

The introductory class will introduce you to the basics of audio storytelling, radio reporting, and field and studio production, while also providing a survey of Oakland’s history and social issues.

The intermediate class gives you the opportunity to produce in-depth documentary reports about the challenges and opportunities facing Oakland. In the past, students have examined issues such as the economic downturn and urban redevelopment. Mills students have aired their reports on National Public Radio and earned both national student and professional-level recognition, including top awards for The Dropout Dilemma, a radio series on the alarming dropout rate in local public schools.

In your projects, you have the chance to profile community organizations and activists or explore contemporary social issues in depth. Learn more »

Institute for Civic Leadership

Whether you want to run for office or work for social change in other ways, the Institute for Civic Leadership (ICL) can empower you with the inspiration, knowledge, and experience to maximize your efforts.

The Institute for Civic Leadership is a special two-semester program designed to prepare you for active citizenry. Combining classes in civic leadership and social policy, an internship where you learn to analyze social and political issues, and the opportunity to conduct research, ICL will introduce you to the intellectual foundations of civic life and help you acquire leadership skills that will serve you professionally and in your life as an engaged citizen.

Working in internships at places as diverse as the Family Justice Center, the Center for Environmental Health, Upward Bound, the Center for Art and Public Life, and CodePINK, ICL students find that the experience helps them both focus their career goals and recognize their potential as civic leaders. Learn more »

Last Updated: 3/23/12