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ASMC Executive Board

The Associated Student of Mills College empowers student voice.

The Associated Students of Mills College (ASMC) is an undergraduate, student-run government that challenges its members to further their student leadership development and become catalysts for academic and social change. It enhances a community of support that represents student services, funding, diversity, social justice, and connections between the students, faculty, staff, administration, and Board of Trustees. The ASMC supports student run organizations, campus-wide events, and student initiatives.

The Mills student government has weekly meetings, open to the Mills community.

Meetings: Mondays at 6:30 pm in GSB room 118. The first 15 minutes are Open Forum for students to share concerns or questions.

Phone: 510.430.2108


Finance Email:

Or come to our office hours! All ASMC officers have office hours throughout the week. Our office is located in Rothwell E.

ASMC Officers
Meghan Hinsch, President
Deborah Gartside, Vice President
Skylar Crownover, Internal Affairs
Sam Gatton, Accountant
Chantel Gammage, Public Relations Chair
Jen Bae, Academic Chair
Larisa Gearhart, Judicial Chair
Mel Petricko, Student Services Chair
Chandra Yang, Historian

Emma Ishii 

Tayla Muise, APER
Katie Laackmann and Cheyanne Young, Disability
 - , Education
 - , Fine Arts
Kay Singh, Health
Megan Rue , Letters Division
 - , Natural Science
 - , Social Science
Tia Barfels, Sustainability
 - , Transfers
 - , Commuter Lounge
 - , Parenting Lounge
 - , Solidarity Lounge
Maggie Wilson, Mary Atkins Lounge
Ruby Rodriguez, First Year Residential Student Community Representative
 - , Continuing Residential Student Community East Representative
 - , Continuing Residential Student Community West Representative
 - , Independent Residential Student Community Representative
Jaylina Vay, Clubs and Organizations

Class Council
Class of 2014
Maribel Garcia, President
Audre Mowry, Vice President
Rachel Cefalu, Historian
Casey Honath, Accountant
Christina Williams, Philanthropy Officer

Class of 2015
Alexandra Sheppard, President
Akasha Fryman, Vice President
Ashleigh Bell, Historian
 - , Accountant

Class of 2016
Danelis Padron, President
Saleha Ahmed, Vice President
Tess Filbeck Bates, Historian
Brooke Parker, Accountant

Class of 2017
Erin Clark, President
Monika Sabic, Vice President
Margarita de la Torre, Historian
Lindsay Quiring, Accountant


ASMC Executive Board

ASMC Minutes

Constitution (66k, pdf)

ASMC Application

Finance Guidelines

Elections & Interviews Petition

Special Funding Request Form (240k, pdf)

Credit Card Checkout (77k, pdf)


Contact Information

ASMC Office
Rothwell E

P: 510.430.2108
F: 510.430.3235

Last Updated: 3/14/14