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If you have a specific question for a faculty member, please contact grad_eng@mills.edu.

Visiting Mills
Visiting Mills

The best way to get to know the Mills English graduate programs is by visiting our campus in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area.

From the moment you step foot on the Mills campus, you’ll find yourself welcomed by century-old trees that line Richards Road. Between the Mediterranean-style buildings and the California sun, you may find yourself falling in love with Mills, as so many of our students do. We welcome you to tour the campus, visit a class, or make an appointment to learn more. Our Contemporary Writers Series on Tuesday evenings is always free and open to the public and is a great way to see our vibrant literary community in action.

Class Visits

Sitting in on a few graduate classes is one of the best ways to experience our MFA degrees in creative writing, MFA degree in book art and creative writing, and MA in literature programs. Class visits provide the opportunity to meet faculty, chat with current students, and get a feel for the content, curriculum, and expectations of our excellent graduate English programs.

The English Department offers class visits September through November in the fall semester, and February through April in the spring semester.

If you are interested in visiting classes, review the list of courses for the current semester, and email grad_eng@mills.edu with the specific classes/dates you are interested in visiting and the program in which you are interested. (Example: Craft of Fiction/Oct 15, Oct 22; MFA in Poetry). Please contact us at least two weeks before you intend to visit; we always check with faculty before we send visitors to classes.

Which Classes Should I Visit?

If you are interested in the MFA in creative writing, we encourage you to visit a workshop in the genre you are interested in (poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction) and an additional craft or literature class. If you are interested in the MFA in book art and creative writing, we suggest sitting in on a creative writing workshop and a book art studio or seminar class. If you are interested in the MA in literature, we suggest you visit at least two literature classes and/or a class on pedagogy/teaching.

Book Art Studio Tours

The book art studios are an incredible asset of the MFA in Book Art and Creative Writing Program. Book art studio tours are offered while classes are in session (September through November in the fall semester, and February through April in the spring semester), and on an as-available basis over the summer.

Please email grad_eng@mills.edu to arrange a book art studio tour, and contact us at least two weeks before you intend to visit so we can arrange for a studio assistant to lead you on your tour.

Set Up an Appointment

If you have any questions about our graduate English programs, financial aid, graduate assistantships, or the application process, we are happy to chat with you by email, on the phone, or in person. To set up an appointment, please contact Graduate Admissions at grad-admission@mills.edu or phone at 510.430.3309.

Campus Tours

Tours of the Mills campus are one hour and are offered by the Office of Graduate Admission, Monday through Friday. The one-hour tour is usually conducted by an undergraduate student. Please contact the Office of Graduate Admission at 510.430.3309 for scheduled times or email grad-admission@mills.edu.

Last Updated: 10/16/14