Mills College
MFA Exhibition 2009

Andrew Witrak
  Joseph Berryhill
Annie Vought   Kate Pszotka
Brian Caraway   Leigh Merrill
Gina Tuzzi   Modesto Covarrubias
Esther Traugot   Steuart Pittman

Curated by Terri Cohn

Mills College Art Museum
May 3 - 31, 2009

Opening reception:
Saturday, May 2, 2009, 7 to 9pm.

Directions: 510.430.3250
Museum Information: 510.430.2164
Museum Hours: Tues-Sun 11-4pm, Wed 11-7:30pm

Catalogue available, featuring essays by Terri Cohn and Glen Helfand

Kate Pszotka / Artist Statement
These simple black line drawing paper cut outs are intended to bleed into and off the wall, unobstructed by frames or a visual barrier. I am drawn to the flexibility, directness, natural origins and immediacy of the material. The spatial aspect of cut paper allows for a physical dimensionality that is nonexistent in traditional flat drawings.

My ongoing fascination with the idea of home, stability, and object attachment has led to the examination of individuals, their belongings, and objects as personal iconography. My personal use of the mapping process serves as a practice and tool to organize and create connections.

Through the recollection of personal memory, seemingly unimportant objects become saturated with meaning and association. While personal narrative serves as a catalyst and initial framework, mapping enables the work to withdraw dependency upon my experience or history. The items themselves are merely signifiers utilized to assess personality, interests, desires and needs. 

Inversely, the containers (boxes, crates, pails and bottles) manufactured to store these objects also play a role in our lives and homes. Receptacles and vessels are created with the intention of being filled. Leaving them empty, wanting and teetering off-kilter, establishes an uneasiness, solitude, and inadequacy inherent in human nature.