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Enrolling in or Waiving the Mills Student Health Plan

All International Students will be enrolled in an international student health plan through HTH Worldwide. Find out more information here. All other students, see information below about enrolling in one of our Kaiser Permanente plans or waiving coverage. Waiver guidelines are found here.

Summer Open Enrollment is from 7/1-8/31.

Open Enrollment is NOW OPEN.

Coverage Periods: The fall term of the Mills Health Plan is effective from August 15th–January 14th. The spring term of the Mills Health Plan is effective from January 15th–August 14th.

Open Enrollment Periods: 7/1-8/31 and 12/1 - 1/31

Student Responsibilities for Enrollment or Waiver: 

Every Mills student who is eligible for insurance coverage at Mills MUST enroll or waive once a year during the Summer Open Enrollment period (7/1–8/31) as long as you are a student at Mills College.  

Your enrollment/waiver and dependent coverage for the fall carries over for the spring term—UNLESS you make changes to it during Winter Open Enrollment. Regardless of whether you enroll or waive or make changes to dependents during Winter Open Enrollment—an optional open enrollment period for the spring term—you must, IN ADDITION, enroll or waive in the summer and once every academic year during the summer as long as you are a student at Mills.  

NOTE for new students: You will be charged for the standard Student Health Plan (HMO) unless you waive out. However, charges that appear on your account do not mean that you have been enrolled in either of the health insurance plans offered by Mills College. You must do that yourself by going online to the Student Net during Open Enrollment (7/1–8/31 in the Summer or 12/1–1/31 in the Winter). Or—if you choose the alternate plan—the Student Health Deductible Plan (DHMO), you will be printing out an enrollment form and submitting it to the Wellness Manager (see instructions further down on this page).

If you do not act during Open Enrollment, you will be contacted many times in an attempt to discern your preference. If you still do not respond  after the close of Open Enrollment, late fees will be applied and you will be waived or enrolled based on your status for the previous term. Late changes or attempts to enroll are not automatic and will delay your coverage and care. You will incur late fees. So please complete the process during Open Enrollment.

See below for details about how to enroll or waive online.

Enroll or Waive Online During the Next Open Enrollment Period (7/1–8/31 or 12/1–1/31)

All Students Must Enroll or Waive Once a Year During Summer Open Enrollment: All students must enroll or waive once a year during Summer Open Enrollment (7/1–8/31).  If you are enrolling in the standard (HMO) plan or waiving coverage, you do it online at the Student Net site. If you are not eligible for a Student Health Plan, you do not need to waive or enroll. 

The default plan in the online enrollment system and also charged to all student accounts is the Mills Student Health Plan (HMO). If students wish to choose the alternate plan (Mills Student Health Deductible Plan (DHMO)) instead, you print out and submit an enrollment form to the Wellness Manager by mail, fax, email or in-person (Cowell Reception, or 510.430.3235 (fax)).

Winter Open Enrollment: A second annual Open Enrollment period (12/1–1/31) is offered for new students who enter Mills in the spring or for those who wish to make changes to their enrollment. Those who enroll or waive during Winter Open Enrollment must also complete the process during Summer Open Enrollment (7/1-8/31) and once a year, every year during the Summer as long as they are students at Mills College.

How to Enroll or Waive:

To enroll or waive, please read the instructions that follow. If you waive or enroll in the regular HMO plan, you will use the Student Net site to complete the enrollment or waiver electronically. DO NOT try to enroll or waive before or after the Open Enrollment periods (7/1–8/31 and 12/1–1/31) or print the enrollment or waiver form (unless you are choosing the Mills Student Health Deductible Plan (DHMO). If you want to waive coverage, you will need to have all information about the alternate plan or public coverage, including the policy number, before you complete the Mills Health Plan online waiver in the Student Net.

Enroll in the default plan, which is the Mills Student Health Plan (HMO). This can ONLY be done electronically in the Student Net during Open Enrollment and MUST be done once a year during Summer Open Enrollment (7/1–8/31).

Enroll in the alternate plan, the Mills Student Health Deductible Plan (DHMO). This enrollment process cannot be completed using the Student Net. Print out the enrollment form you can find online at the Student Net site or hereIn the section called "To Be Completed by an Administrator," write in Mills College and for Customer ID number, write in 603107. For the Enrollment unit, enter 1. Write in August 15 of the current year for effective date. Write in the current academic year (e.g., 2014–2015). Leave Section A blank. Check the box in Section B: Deductible HMO. Complete the rest of Section B. Complete Section C if you are enrolling any dependents in the same plan that you selected. Check the box in Section D. Print and sign your name and enter the date in Section E. Sign and date where indicated in Section F. Submit the form to the Wellness Manager at Mills College at Cowell Reception, by fax (510.430.3235) or by email ( during Open Enrollment (7/1-8/31).

Waive Mills coverage with proof of alternate health insurance coverage: If you do not wish to purchase either of the Mills Student Health Plans (the default HMO or the deductible DHMO), you will be waiving coverage. Use the online interactive dialogue boxes in the Student Net to complete a waiver ONLY during Open Enrollment.

Confirmation of Enrollment or Waiver: Once you have enrolled in the standard Mills Student Health Plan (HMO) or waived Mills coverage electronically using the Student Net during Open Enrollment, you will see a confirmation screen online and also receive a confirmation email. Please keep this confirmation for your records. If you chose to enroll in the Mills Student Health Deductible Plan (DHMO), you do not enroll or waive using the Student Net but instead submit a paper enrollment form (to Cowell Reception, fax or scan and email to In the case of the paper process, you will receive an additional email (to your Mills email account only) by late August or early September confirming your enrollment in the DHMO plan.

It is every student's responsibility to complete the enrollment or waiver process online during the Open Enrollment period.

Dependent coverage:
Students may elect to cover dependents for additional fees. Dependents may only be covered by the same Mills plan option selected by the student. See fees below.

Eligibility, leaves and withdrawals: Students are not eligible for any Mills student health plan for semesters they are studying abroad or while taking a leave of absence—except in the case of leaves for those who request coverage before the academic add deadline for the term. See the Mills Catalog for more details. Refunds of health plan fees are allowed only in cases where students have withdrawn or taken a leave before the academic add deadline and have not used any Kaiser Permanente services.

Late Changes: After the close of the Open Enrollment Period, requests for changes are discouraged and considered late. Late change requests may be submitted to the Wellness Manager along with a completed Enrollment Change Form or Waiver Form (forms can also be requested at the Cowell Front Desk or by emailing a request to Late change requests are subject to a late fee of $150 that will be added to your student account.

Students who are readmitted/reinstated after Open Enrollment closes should request late enrollment by contacting the Wellness Manager at and complete a late enrollment or waiver form available at Cowell Reception as soon as possible. Late fees apply.

Late Enrollment Due to Loss of Alternate Coverage: Students who lose alternate health coverage and have a notice of loss of coverage (for example loss of Medi-Cal coverage because a student turns 21 years of age) may request late enrollment in the Student Health Plan by sending the notice of loss of coverage to the Wellness Manager at 123 Cowell or by email at Verifiable loss of coverage will enable students to request special late enrollment and pricing based on Kaiser Permanente policies. If students aged out of another health plan, a late processing fee will apply (students are encouraged to enroll in a Mills plan prior to aging out). If other coverage was cancelled due to failure to pay or late payment, prorated late enrollment is not available.

Billing for Student Health Plan: The Mills plans are billed by semester. Charges for the comprehensive no-deductible Mills Student Health Plan (HMO) are added to all student accounts during the summer of each year for the Fall Term. Charges are adjusted (for those who choose the Mills Student Health Deductible Plan (DHMO) or removed (for those who waive Mills coverage and choose other coverage). All students must enroll in or waive coverage. Do not assume if you see charges on your account for a health plan that you have been enrolled in a Mills health plan. Mills College cannot on your behalf enroll you in a plan. Monitor your student account regularly. Sign up for eRefund in your student portal. If you still see charges that you do not owe on your student account, contact the M Center at

Students who choose the Student Health Deductible Plan (DHMO) will see adjusted charges on their account. If you choose this plan, be sure to monitor your account and pay the fees as soon as you see them. If you enroll in this plan late in the summer, you need to be sure that you pay promptly in order to be cleared financially for the term.

Some students may see charges for the Student Health Plan on their account despite having waived the coverage. Charges should zero out after reconciling accounts. Monitor your student account regularly. Sign up for eRefund in your student portal. If you still see charges that you do not owe on your student account, contact the M Center at

Coverage After Graduation or Leaving Mills: Students may purchase an individual or family plan directly from Kaiser Permanente (by calling 1.800.853.8216 or go to within 60 days of loss of coverage or enroll in a plan through a state or federal health benefits exchange (such as Covered California). To learn more about options beyond the Student Health Plan, please review Health Insurance After Mills or contact the Manager of Wellness and Community Outreach at

The Affordable Care Act: Although the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act exempts those who earn less than $10,000 per year from required individual health insurance, you are required by Mills College to carry health insurance as long as you are a student here.

California's Health Benefits Exchange: Plans purchased through Covered California meet the alternate coverage requirements for most Mills students. International students have additional requirements (make an appointment with the Wellness Manager by calling 510.430.2130).

Government subsidies for premium assistance are available for those in households earning between 138% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Special enrollment options are available for those with qualifying events, including loss of other coverage outside the open enrollment periods. Those who qualify for Medicaid/Medi-Cal may also sign up at any time through Covered California or in Alameda County through the County public benefits enrollment site.

Your household may qualify for the publicly funded health insurance coverage program for low-income families and individuals called Medicaid (Medi-Cal in California) if your household income is at or below 138% of the FPL. Those who qualify for Medi-Cal may sign up during Open Enrollment at Covered California or any time for Medi-Cal in Alameda County through the County public benefits enrollment site. More information about Medi-Cal benefits and enrollment can be found here.  Please be aware that obtaining public benefits such as Medi-Cal can take some time.  Please start our enrollment process as soon as you can. Another way to sign up for Medi-Cal is through a community health center. Use this search tool and call the appointment line for a clinic near to you and indicate you would like to enroll in Medi-Cal, asking for an appointment with an eligibility worker. You can also contact the Alameda Alliance, a Medi-Cal managed care provider with a nearby clinic (Eastmont Wellness Center). You can do the same thing with a Planned Parenthood clinic if you have a reproductive health care need - they accept private insurance and Medi-Cal. If you need further assistance with Medi-Cal enrollment or you need to complete a waiver using Medi-Cal, but do not have the policy number yet, please contact the Wellness Manager for assistance during Mills Open Enrollment periods by emailing or calling 510-430-2130 to request an appointment. 

Rates: See Mills Health Plans.

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