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Mills Student Health Plan

Student Health Plan Dates of Coverage:
Fall Term: August 15–January 14
Spring Term: January 15–August 14

Required Coverage: All Mills students must carry health insurance that provides comprehensive medical and mental health services, including outpatient, emergency and inpatient care including primary, specialty, pharmacy, lab, x-ray and other diagnostic services. International students must have additional benefits related to medical evacuation and repatriation.

Mills Student Health Plan: Through Kaiser Permanente, our Student Health Plan provides this comprehensive medical coverage - including requirements for International students - at a very high benefit level and zero or low-cost deductibles and copays with a $3,000 out-of-pocket annual maximum. In addition, our Student Health Plan includes chiropractic coverage through Kaiser via Ash Companies and dental coverage through MetLife Dental.

Students are not eligible for the Student Health Plan for semesters they are studying abroad or while taking a leave of absence. See the Mills Catalog for more details.

All Students Must Enroll or Waive Online: All students must enroll online once a year during Open Enrollment (7/1–8/31) at the Student Net site. Students who have comparable alternate coverage may waive online using the same site. A second annual Open Enrollment period (12/1–1/31) is offered for new students or for those who wish to make changes to their enrollment.

To enroll or waive, please go to the Student Net site to complete the enrollment or waiver electronically. DO NOT try to enroll or waive before or after the Open Enrollment periods (7/1–8/31 and 12/1–1/31) or print the enrollment or waiver form. Although that option exists for other colleges working with Kaiser Permanente, Mills College is not able to process those enrollments or waivers.  All actions during the Open Enrollment Period must be done via the interactive dialogue boxes in the web application. Once you have enrolled or waived electronically, you will receive a confirmation via email. Please keep this confirmation for your records.

It is every student's responsibility to complete the enrollment or waiver process online during the Open Enrollment period. Students who take no action during the Open Enrollment Period may be enrolled and charged for health coverage.

Late Changes: After the close of the Open Enrollment Period, requests for changes are discouraged and considered late. Late change requests may be submitted to the Wellness Manager along with a completed Enrollment Change Form or Waiver Form. Late change requests are subject to a late fee of $150 that will be added to your student account.

Late Enrollment Due to Loss of Alternate Coverage: Students who lose alternate health coverage and have a notice of loss of coverage (for example loss of Medi-Cal coverage because a student turns 21 years of age) may request late enrollment in the Student Health Plan by bringing the notice of loss of coverage to the Wellness Manager at 123 Cowell. Verifiable loss of coverage will enable students to request special late enrollment and pricing based on Kaiser Permanente policies.

Billing for Student Health Plan: Some students may see charges for the Student Health Plan on their account despite having waived the coverage. This may be due to a timing issue in our billing cycle. In paying your bill, you should be able to deduct this charge from the amount you pay. Charges should zero out after reconciling accounts in September. Monitor your student account regularly. Sign up for eRefund in your student portal. If you still see charges that you do not owe on your student account, contact the M Center at

Coverage After Graduation: There is no option to extend the Student Health Plan for students after graduation. However, students may enroll in a conversion plan through Kaiser. To learn more about options beyond the Student Health Plan, please review Mills College Students Health Insurance After Graduation or contact the Manager of Wellness and Community Outreach at

If you have questions about your insurance, please email

Student Health Plan Dates of Coverage:
Fall Term: August 15–January 14
Spring Term: January 15–August 14

Benefit Summary

Student Health Plan Benefit Summary: The purpose of the benefit summary is to provide each student a quick-at-a-glance look of the medical and dental plans for most common type of services such as co-payments for doctor's visits and prescriptions. This is for illustration purposes only. Please see the certificate of insurance for each plan for complete details of the plan. Should any discrepancy arise, the certificates of insurance supersede this illustration. The Kaiser Permanente certificate will be mailed to the enrollee's home upon enrollment. You can obtain a copy of MetLife's certificate of insurance from the Division of Student Life.

Kaiser Student Health Plan benefits summary (medical)

Kaiser Student Health Plan benefits description (medical)

Student Health Plan evidence of coverage

Kaiser chiropractic benefits summary

Kaiser chiropractic evidence of coverage

MetLife Student Health Plan benefits summary (dental)

MetLife Student Health Plan description (dental)

MetLife Student Dental Benefits

Dental Insurance is provided by MetLife. To find a provider: Go to, and enter “Mills College.”

To verify your eligibility, your dentist must call: 877.638.3379 and give your social security number and Group #: 141855-1-G. If you do not have a social security number, contact the Manager of Wellness and Community Outreach at to obtain a member ID number.


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