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Student Health Care Over the Summer

The Mills Kaiser Permanente Student Health Center closes every summer. The last day of on-campus service is May 15th, 2015. The campus Student Health Center re-opens on Monday, August 24th at 9:00 am.  Click the following link for more information about the Mills Student Health Center.

Students who are covered under the Student Health Plan are members of Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser members may use the same Appointment and Advice Line (1-877-MILLS KP) for nurse advice or appointments (at any KP facility) over the summer.  For more information and access options - including online scheduling of appointments, visit, register as a member and then click on “Locate Our Services” to find a facility or physician.

Students who are not members of Kaiser Permanente and are insured through other plans should seek services from providers covered by their health insurance.  Search for physicians and facilities near you that may take your health insurance in the San Francisco Bay Area at Hill Physicians Group, Sutter Health Network or John Muir Health Network. For more assistance finding a provider, please contact the Manager of Wellness and Community Outreach before the end of June at 510.430.2260 or

Kaiser Northern California Members may visit Kaiser Permanente facilities in other regions (e.g., Southern California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Colorado, the Washington DC area and Georgia).  Kaiser membership provides access to comprehensive health services with Kaiser Permanente providers at Kaiser Permanente facilities. In an emergency, if it is not possible to get to a Kaiser Permanente facility, Kaiser members are not required to obtain prior authorization to receive emergency care from non–plan providers. However, prior authorization from Kaiser is required for post-stabilization care from non–plan providers.

If you receive emergency care, post-stabilization care, or out-of-area urgent care from a non–plan provider, you must pay the provider and file a claim for reimbursement unless the provider agrees to bill Kaiser.  As soon as possible, request a claim form by calling Kaiser’s Member Service Call Center toll free at 800.464.4000 or 800.390.3510 (TTY users call 800.777.1370). For assistance with claims, please contact the Manager of Wellness and Community Outreach at 510.430.2260 or

Health Insurance Coverage After Mills: Within 60 days of loss of coverage, students may purchase an individual or family plan with Kaiser Permanente (call 1-800-853-8216 or go to or enroll in a plan through Covered California (our California Health Benefits Exchange) or the Federal Benefits Exchange or their home state benefits exchange. To learn more about options beyond the Student Health Plan, please review the document in the following link: Health Insurance After Mills or contact the Manager of Wellness and Community Outreach.

Medical Records Requests by Former Students: You may have had tests, vaccinations or screenings done at the Student Health Center or a nearby Kaiser Permanente facility while you were a student at Mills College.  If you lost the results provided to you by Kaiser Permanente clinicians or support staff at the Student Health Center, you have several options to obtain duplicate information:

1) If you are still a Member of Kaiser Permanente (KP), you can find most information in your online medical record. You will not find x-ray results or TB screening results there, but you will find most lab test results.  Register online at and then go to "My Medical Record." You may print out or print to PDF or print screen shots of your results. Or you may continue to be a KP member, in which case, you can retrieve them online any time and have no need to print them out. IF you need a copy of medical records that are NOT online (including TB Screening result that is handed to you in the form of a card at the Health Center), then see number 2 below.

2) If you did not choose to purchase one of the Kaiser Permanente (KP) Student Health Plans through Mills College, you would still have been issued a temporary medical record number to be seen at the Student health Center. If you need a copy of a screening such as TB screening result or other proof of immunization, you may stop by the Mills Student Health Center at CPM 117 during the academic year. OR please send an email request for records including this information: Your KP temporary Medical Record Number, your full name, your date of birth, your Mills Student ID, your address and the approximate date of the screening or vaccination to


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