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Peer Tutors

How Many Hours Must Tutors Commit To?

Peer tutoring hours are flexible. Some weeks you may find yourself with no student contact, and yet in others you may find yourself extremely busy. Each Peer tutor must commit to a minimum of two hours per week and a maximum of 10 hours per week. Peer tutors who tutor for one course will be guaranteed a payment equal to one hour of tutoring that course. Peer tutors who tutor for two or more courses can earn a guaranteed payment equal to two hours of tutoring. We also recognize that some tutors may want more flexibility, or the course they are tutoring for may automatically lend itself to more flexibility. In these cases tutors may speak with the director.

Please remember that your grades come first. As such only commit to time that your schedule permits.

What are the Scheduled Times for Tutoring?

The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) is open from 9:00–5:00 pm Monday through Friday. However, student contact can occur outside of these times. The center recognizes all Mills College holidays and is closed for regular open hours during reading days and finals.

What are the Course Requirements?

Tutors are students with at least a 3.0 GPA in the subject they are tutoring, with an overall cumulative GPA of 2.8 and above. Selection of tutors is based on their academic record and faculty recommendations. Tutors must have strong interpersonal skills, be able to maintain confidentiality at all times and be sensitive to the needs of students seeking peer tutoring.

What are the General Responsibilities?

Tutors provide one-on-one tutoring in their chosen subject area, integrating study skills when and where appropriate. They help students make connections with college resources, such as the library, and refer students for additional support services. They work collaboratively, maintain confidentiality and attend regular training sessions.

Tutors aim wherever possible to personalize instruction for their students, promote independent learning and help students express their ideas and concepts. They are at all times respectful and sensitive to individual differences.

How Many Subjects Can I Tutor For?

We recommend that you tutor three subjects per semester. We would like you to be selective about which ones you can effectively tutor. If you receive more requests from faculty, consider your schedule and if necessary speak with the director. Exemptions may be given for up to five subjects.

How Many Students Will I See?

This varies considerably and differs per subject and per tutor. While unlikely, it may be that you never see a student the entire semester. You will still be paid for your hours should this happen. We aim to cover the courses, we can’t predict for student need.

How Do I Get the Recommendations from my Professor?

You may have already been contacted by the Professor. If this is the case, and you are comfortable with tutoring for this course, please fill in the application. If you have not been recommended but think you’d make a good fit for a particular course please directly contact the Professor and have them send a recommendation for you to We cannot employ you without the recommendation.

What Happens After Turning in the Application?

After your application is turned in your information is sent to Workstudy. If you have room in your Workstudy agreement this is generally not an issue. If you are not Workstudy eligible then frequently exceptions can be made. Occasionally there is not room in your financial aid. In these circumstances we will contact you to see if you wish to adjust your financial aid package. Once we have approval from Workstudy you will receive an email asking you to pick up your Workstudy agreement. This must be turned in to the director before you attend training. Failure to do so will mean a failure to get paid. When this is handed back, signed, you must take this to Payroll. They will check that they have your information on record. At this point you are now considered employed by the CAE.

What Do I Get Paid?

Tutors will be paid based on their level of training. Those students who have not attained level one certification will be paid $10.00 per hour. Pay rates per hour for those who have attained the appropriate level of training are shown below

Level 1: $11.25
Level 2: $12.50
Level 3: $15.00

What Are the Training Requirements?

The CAE at Mills College is aiming for certification and authorization by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) to award tutor training certificates.

All new Mills tutors (or those who’ve only attended makeup training sessions) must attend the initial Saturday orientation training. This session is typically held on the second Saturday of the semester, unless that Saturday is a holiday, and then it will be held on the third Saturday of the month. Breakfast and lunch are provided and tutors will be paid for this training time. Training occurs between 8:30 am and 2:00 pm. There will be no makeup training sessions during the semester.

After the initial training, tutors will train while they tutor, and submit assignments as directed. The pace is self-set. However, if a year or more has passed since the tutor attended the level appropriate training course, the tutor will be required to attend a refresher.

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