Meet Mills Students
Encouraged to stand out, emboldened to think big, empowered to make a statement.

Learn why our students chose Mills and how they are finding and using their voices to improve themselves and the world around them.

Meet Abby

Academic and social support helped Abby become an active, participatory learner. Read more »

Meet Charity

Charity found her academic focus and a meaningful environment at Mills. Read more »

Meet Dana

Dana found a path to achieve her academic and professional goals at Mills. Read more »

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer credits Mills with helping her become more confident and empowered.
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Meet Kerianne

The beauty of the campus and the sense of community made Kerianne feel she belonged.
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Meet Maritza

Maritza can see herself as a leader thanks to the growth she experienced at Mills. Read more »

Meet Priscilla

From an early age Priscilla wanted to help others, and the Mills Nursing Program fit the bill.
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Meet Tess

Mills allows Tess to juggle her many interests into challenging, productive days. Read more »

Meet Ashley

Exposure to a new discipline helped Ashley discover a fulfilling academic path. Read more »

Meet Damaris

Damaris valued the leadership skills she gained while still maintaining a high GPA. Read more »

Meet Jenna

For Jenna, the collaborative environment made Mills the best choice for her. Read more »

Meet Jessica

Jessica, an Oregon native, discovered a wealth of opportunities and the power of her words. Read more »

Meet Lin Rui

Lin Rui learned that a liberal arts education would allow her to explore a range of interests. Read more »

Meet Morgane

Morgane was impressed by the supportive environment she found at Mills.  Read more »

Meet Tea

Tea transferred from a large university and found the right academic environment for her. Read more »

Meet Theresia

Theresia enjoys the open-minded culture at Mills where all voices are welcome.
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Last Updated: 10/7/14