Mills student and professor collaborating on electronic music installation.
Ignite Your Imagination.

Learn outside the lines in and out of the classroom with professors who will encourage you to shake things up and create meaningful change.

Mills College students in class.
Discover Our Future. 

Mills College and Northeastern University are merging to create a bicoastal university powered by Northeastern’s global experiential learning and research, strengthened by Mills’ legacy in women's leadership, equity, and social justice. 

Gender and racial justice installation at Mills
Join the Fight for Justice.

Mills has been breaking barriers for women since we were founded in 1852. We continue that legacy today as we fight for gender and racial justice through our support for the Black Lives Matter Movement and our commitment to becoming an antiracist institution.

Express Yourself.

Take a risk. Question the status quo. Find your voice and use it to advocate for your future and the causes that move you. Read our student profiles.

Photo of Cassandra, a Mills undergraduate student

“Advocacy has always been a part of who I am, and Mills is the place for someone like me.“

Brittany, a Mills STEM student

“As a female scientist and as an individual, my work with Dr. Swope and my academic experience at Mills have given me confidence in what I’m doing now and in my decisions about where I’ll go next.”

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Shay, a Mills undergraduate student

“Mills fits my desire to learn, grow, and be a well-informed senator in the future, creating intersectional policies around social justice, LGBTQ rights, criminal justice reform, and investment in Black communities.”

Photo of Joya, a Mills undergraduate student

“I would like to be an advocate and agent for social change. Mills stood out to me because of its commitment to social justice and acceptance of all students.“

photo of Karena, a Mills undergraduate student

“The LGBTQ community is strong at Mills. Everyone supports you for who you are. The environment is very accepting, and people often attend events together. I have found solidarity with my friends and the people I have met at Mills.“

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Ross, a Mills graduate student

“I chose Mills because of its success in preparing post-bac students for medical school. What I didn’t expect was to get communication skills that will help me immensely as I advance in the professional world.”

Annabella, a Mills undergraduate student

“I’d like to push this country toward greater equality, and especially feel a deep desire to help LGBTQ+ youth who don’t have as much support and access to information as I do.”

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Marvin, a Mills graduate student

“It’s only been a year, but being here has made me feel like I can be a leader. I know I want to work where social justice and education intersect.”

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