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Faculty & Staff

Ruth Cossey
Professor of Education
Chair, MEET/TTS Program
Education 216, 510.430.3190,
Professional Interests: Preservice and inservice mathematics and science education, sociology of education in urban environments, mathematics reform in elementary and secondary schools

Tomás Galguera
Professor of Education
Education 217,
Professional Interests: Teacher education for language-minority students, bilingual education and English-language development programs, ethnolinguistic diversity in education

Joseph E. Kahne
Senior Researcher, School of Education
Kimball House 12, 510.430.3275,
Professional Interests: Democracy and education, digital media and public participation, urban educational change and school policy, service learning, youth development

Diane Ketelle
Professor of Education
Robert and Ann Wert Professorship
Interim Dean of the School of Education
Education 221,
Professional Interests: Administrator knowledge, administrator stories, narrative inquiry, fictionalizing real experience

Linda Kroll
Mary and Richard Holland Professorship in Early Childhood Education
Professor of Education
Associate Dean of School of Education
Faculty Executive Committee Division Representative
Education 206,
Professional Interests: Cognitive development, development of literacy, application of developmental theory to educational issues, teacher education, teacher development including development of teachers from their training throughout their careers

Linda Perez
Professor of Education
Abbie Valley Professor
Child Life, Special Education and Infant Mental Health Programs
Co-Director of Infant Mental Health Program
Education 213, 510.430.2328,
Professional Interests: At-risk children and families, the application of developmental theory to special education issues, mental health and developmental disorders of infancy and early childhood

Priya Shimpi
Associate Professor of Education, Early Childhood Education
Lynn T. White, Jr., Professorship
Education 215,
Professional Interests: Communicative, social, and cognitive development in a diversity of learning environments; translating early childhood research into practice; the role of culture and experience in children’s attention and learning

Sabrina Zirkel
Professor of Educational Leadership
Ed Leadership Chair
On sabbatical 2016-17
Education 211, 510.430.3380,
Professional Interests: Issues of race and ethnicity in education, creating more effective multi-ethnic and urban schools, intergroup relations in schools, educational leadership for social change

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Visiting Scholars & Artists

Elizabeth Baker
Associate Professor of Practice
Education 223, 510.430.3154,
Office Hours: Monday 12:00-3:00 and by appointment, Tuesday 2:30-5:00
Professional Interests: Teacher research, including Japanese lesson study; pre-service and in-service science and mathematics education; gender and equity education in the urban classroom; constructivist education

Merri Besden
Lecturer, Fall
Professional Interests: Inclusive practices, Reggio Emilia inspired classrooms, sensory integration, facilitating social and pre-academic skills using photography and visual strategies

Kevin Collins
Visiting Assistant Professor
925.944.6850 Ext. 2010,
Office Hours: By appointment
Professional Interests: School finance and equity, educational administration, utilization of student data, secondary education

Dora Dome
Visiting Assistant Professor, Fall
Professional Interests: Legal representation of public school districts in the areas of student discipline and special education, and the provision of professional development on equity issues related to disproportionality and student achievement

Eliana Elias
Lecturer, Fall
Professional Interests: Dual language learners, education equity, immigrant families, early childhood staff development, preschool curriculum

Victoria Forrester
Education 210, 510.430.3191,
Office Hours: By appointment
Professional Interests: Dual language learners, education equity, immigrant families, early childhood staff development, preschool curriculum

Rebecca Hawley
Visiting Assistant Professor, Spring
Education 203, 510.332.4750,
Office Hours: Thursday 3:00-4:00
Professional Interests: Early intervention; Head Start and early Head Start; early childhood education advocacy and education; race and ethnicity and issues of early education and access

Linda Honeyman
Lecturer, Spring
Education 203, 510.537-0719,
Office Hours: Mondays 4:00-5:00 and by appointment
Professional Interests: Teacher education/staff development for improving elementary mathematics education, support provider for new teachers (emphasis is math education), support in mathematics for English language learners

Brandon Krueger
Visiting Assistant Professor, Fall
Professional Interests: Organizational leadership theories, family and community engagement in schools, human resources leadership, shared leadership, program improvement strategies, state and federal programs, multilingual/multicultural education

Josephine Lee
Education 212, 510.430.3190,
Office Hours: By appointment
Professional Interests: Infant care and development; supporting children's oral language development; the importance of symbolic play, television and media culture in the lives of young children

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Betty Lin
Education 212, 510.430-3190,
Office Hours: Thursday 7:00-8:00 and by appointment
Professional Interests: Early childhood education, early childhood special education, child life, infant mental health, early childhood and special needs advocacy, cultural understanding when working with Asian families.

Susan Marchant
Lecturer and Student Supervisor, Child Life
Education 212, 510.430-3190,
Office Hours: By appointment
Professional Interests: Genetic disorders, organizational psychology, pediatric chronic illness, pediatric palliative care, cultural implications in pediatrics, autism and related disorders, curriculum development

Eduardo Munoz Munoz
Lecturer, Fall
Professional Interests: Multilingual education, English learners and educational equity, school organization and multicultural communication in schools

Julie Nicholson
Associate Professor of Practice
Early Childhood Education and Educational Leadership 
Education 210, 510.430.3190,
Office Hours: Thursdays 3:30-4:30 and by appointment
Professional Interests: Leadership development in early childhood, policy and advocacy in early childhood, post-modern and critical perspectives, early childhood system building (prenatal-8), play memories, play across the lifespan, use of social networking and new literacies in teacher education, teachers' data use practices, qualitative research.

Patricia Nunley
Visiting Assistant Professor, Spring
Education 212,
Office Hours: Monday 4:00-5:00, Tuesday 11:30-12:30, and Wednesday 11:30-12:30
Professional Interests: The student-teacher relationship between urban black males and their teachers, consultant and educational Coach for 100 Black Men of the Bay Area Community School, professional development diversity workshops, Head Start, chronic exposure to community violence as a trauma source, global ECE and western theories, African American mental wellness

Nikole Richardson
Visiting Assistant Professor
TTS Humanities Program Director
Education 210, 510.430.3191,
Office Hours: Thursdays 2:30-4:00
Professional Interests: Teacher development, culturally responsive pedagogy, school contexts for teacher learning, history/social studies education

Zachery Roberts
Visiting Assistant Professor
Education 210, 510.430.3191,
Office Hours: By appointment
Professional Interests: Instructional supervision and cognitive coaching, reflective practice, early induction administration, assessment and evaluation, interdisciplinary education

Ingrid Seyer-Ochi
Visiting Associate Professor
Director, Center for Urban Schools and Partnerships (CUSP)
Kimball House 2, 510.384.3190,
Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00-12:00
Professional Interests: Educational inequality, educational anthropology, urban education and urban studies, ethnography, public scholarship, social geography, social-cultural constructions of learning, school-community relationships, university-school partnerships, youth cultures, the history of educational and social service institutions, violence and urban social suffering

Greg Tanaka
Visiting Professor
Educational Leadership
Education 203, 510.430.3190,
Office Hours: Mondays 3:00-5:00, Wednesdays 4:00-6:00 and by appointment
Professional Interests: Capital markets, systemic collapse/social change, qualitative research, participatory democracy, action research, subject formation and individual agency

Stacy Thompson
Visiting Assistant Professor, Fall
Professional Interests: Leadership in higher education, teacher preparation, diversity issues in education

Tracy Trujillo
Visiting Assistant Professor, Fall
Professional Interests: Advocation of the health of infants, children, adolescents and young adults, wilderness medicine

Ron Ulrich
Lecturer, Fall
Professional Interests: Math and science education, teacher development, application of hands on learning, development of critical thinking skills, and classroom norms

Vicky Webber
Lecturer, TTS
Education 216, 510.430.3190,
Office Hours: By appointment
Professional Interests: History and philosophy of education, ethnomathematics, teaching for equity and social justice

Courtney Young-Law
Visiting Assistant Professor, Fall
Professional Interests: Higher education administration; college student development; race, equity, and social justice in education

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Gabriela Cervantes-Powell
Budget Manager
School of Education
Kimball 5, 510.430.3255,

Heather Grimes
Academic Coordinator and Credential Analyst, Educational Leadership, Early Childhood Education, Infant Mental Health, Doctoral Program
School of Education
Kimball 3, 510.430.3293,

Sharlene Shah
Academic Coordinator
Teachers for Tomorrow's Schools
Kimball 3, 510.430.3384,

Natalie Stone
Interim Director of Enrollment
School of Education
Education 210, 510.430.3170,

Tess Unger
Executive Assistant to the Dean and Communications Coordinator
School of Education
Education 203, 510.430.3192,

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