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Graduate Mathematics Faculty
Maia Averett
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department Head of Mathematics and Computer Science
CPM Room 200A
510.430.2106, maverett@mills.edu
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, 11:00-12:00, Friday 12:00-1:00, and by appointment

Professional Interests: Algebraic topology, homotopy theory, women and mathematics
Steve Givant Steven R. Givant
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
CPM Room 203
510.430.2227, givant@mills.edu
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:00-12:00

Professional Interests: Logic and foundations of mathematics, model theory, general algebra, theory of relations
Barbara LiSanti Barbara LiSanti
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
CPM Room 200B
510.430.2247, barbara@mills.edu

Professional Interests: Artificial intelligence applications in education, cognitive science, intelligent tutoring systems, computer science education, linear algebra
Susan Wang
Professor of Computer Science
Sarlo Award Recipient
On sabbatical 2013-14
CPM Room 202
510.430.2138, wang@mills.edu

Professional Interests: Design and analysis of algorithms, very large-scale integrated systems, parallel computation

Visiting Scholars & Artists

Lew Douglas
Visiting Lecturer
CPM 200B, 510.430.2247, ledouglas@mills.edu
Office Hours: Friday 11:00-12:00 in CPM 205
Professional Interests: Geometry and its applications to other branches of math, with particular interest in transformations in Geometry, a unified approach to transformations of graphs, using matrices to do transformations, geometry in three dimensions, Non-Euclidean Geometry, and a geometric approach to Linear Algebra.

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Antonio Arredondo
Faculty Administrative Assistant
CPM Room 104, 510.430.2226, aarredondo@mills.edu

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