Community Studios & Workshops

The Studio Art Program balances technique with conceptual approaches, placing emphasis on the creative process, critical thinking, and visual ideas. All art students share community studios and workshops, and our graduate students also benefit from private art studios. Outside of the classroom, everyone enjoys attending the visiting artists lecture series, showcasing their work at the Mills College Art Museum, and building connections with the Bay Area's vibrant arts community.

Community Studios

Photography Workshops

Digital Lab Basic Orientation

This workshop introduces users to the equipment and procedures used in the Digital Lab. It is a requirement for all prior to using the Digital Lab. If you have not received this orientation during a photo class, please schedule this training with the Studio Technician.

Sculpture Trainings & Workshops

All workshops and trainings for undergraduates are scheduled during class time for introductory and intermediate courses. Upper division juniors and seniors interested in specific skill sets in woodworking, metal fabrication, and casting can be scheduled with the Shop Technician while working on senior projects. Upper division undergraduates also have an opportunity to take an independent study as a shop monitor to learn shop maintenance and assisting other undergraduate students with projects.

Basic Orientation

The Basic Orientation is a short introduction to standard shop policies and expectations with the Shop Technician. Orientations for undergraduates are integrated into their sculpture studio courses and are scheduled in the first semester for all incoming students. Basic Orientation is mandatory for all additional trainings.

Estimated Length: 30-45 minutes
Please contact our Shop Technician Tim Kopra at to schedule an orientation.