Our business graduates embark on a wide range of career paths as they pursue their commitments to ethically and socially responsible leadership. Many have found success in the finance, consulting, high tech, and telecom industries. About one-third of our graduates join nonprofit organizations or social enterprises, much higher than the average (6 percent) for business schools. In these varied settings, business graduates serve as chief executive officers; managers of portfolios, finance, marketing, investor relations, and many other critical business areas; analysts; accountants; and entrepreneurs. See a few examples of positions held by our MBA graduates.

Plan for Success.

From the day you start your degree program, you’ll have access to resources for building a meaningful career that aligns with your interests and values. We encourage you to use the full complement of career services available at Mills, including:

  • Individual career counseling with career assessment
  • Resume review, cover letter preparation, and mock interview practice
  • Managing your online presence
  • Internship and job search postings
  • Workshops, industry panels, and information sessions
  • Networking opportunities with employers in all sectors
  • Connection to the Mills College network of more than 25,000 graduates

If you’re interested in launching your own business or social enterprise, you’ll find plenty of support. In addition to courses on entrepreneurship, you’ll have access to our Entrepreneurship Forum, offering faculty guidance and support in growing your business passionately, purposefully, and meaningfully.