Be at the Forefront of Social Change.

The Center for Transformative Action at Mills College brings together students, thought and practice leaders, policy makers, and others to share ideas for building profitable, sustainable organizations and effective nonprofits to address social, environmental, and policy problems. The center supports collaborative faculty-student research, organizes workshops, and arranges internships. The center also hosts a high-profile annual conference in partnership with the Lokey School of Business and Public Policy chapter of Net Impact, an international organization of MBA students and professionals who are working for a sustainable future.

As part of the Lorry I. Lokey School of Business and Public Policy, the center engages in a variety of activities that promote our students’ and outside partners’ education as socially responsible leaders. We achieve this by:

  • Conducting original research for corporate and nonprofit clients that helps them understand and further their own social and financial strategies more effectively
  • Creating learning opportunities for our MBA students to grow their business expertise in social responsibility and to develop as leaders in social enterprises
  • Partnering with local social enterprises and support organizations to deliver conferences, workshops, classes, and other events at Mills College and in the community
  • Bringing together and connecting people and organizations to build a strong social enterprise ecosystem in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Publishing research, news, and reports that enhance the global conversation about organizations striving to make a strong financial return while they have a positive social or environmental impact