Transform Your Learning into Practice.

Experiential learning is a key component of the programs offered by the Lorry I. Lokey School of Business and Public Policy. Through fieldwork and internships, you’ll apply theory to solving complex issues and create change for yourself and local communities.

MBA Program: Fieldwork & Internships

For students in our MBA Program, the city of Oakland serves as a laboratory for experiential learning that integrates theory and practice. Through internships and management practica supervised by faculty, students act as strategists, analysts, marketers, and consultants for businesses and other organizations. Students have served as advisors to local entrepreneurs, conducted studies of local businesses and the economy for the city government, drafted legislation, and, as a service project of our Net Impact chapter, provided pro bono consulting to local nonprofit organizations.

Among the organizations where MBA students have held internships—the majority of them paid—are the following:


Banana Republic

Beneficial State Bank

Education Pioneers

Gallo Family Vineyards

HIP Investors

Inner City Advisors


New Sector Alliance