Mission Statement

At the Lorry I. Lokey School of Business and Public Policy, we prepare students to work successfully toward a more just and sustainable world, whether in the private, nonprofit, or government sectors. Our school is a social innovation hub where we learn how to work together to improve economic, social, and political conditions for current and future generations. Our students value the unique perspectives of their peers and rely on each other, our faculty, and alumnae/i network to acquire valuable skills. This approach allows students not only to reach the next level in their professional journeys but also to fulfill their sense of purpose while elevating their communities. The Lokey School goes beyond helping the students in developing in-depth technical and analytical skills: we support and encourage our students as they develop as empathetic and ethical leaders in purpose-driven, impactful careers, and life trajectories.

The Lokey School is deeply committed to serving our neighbors in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area as well as national and international communities. We fulfill our mission by generating and sharing cutting-edge knowledge, developing innovative practices, and by respecting and applying theory, analysis, and critical thinking across disciplines. We build equitable and collaborative communities by bringing students, faculty, and staff with diverse skills, perspectives, lived experiences, and multidimensional identities together to create and participate in transformational learning. The Lokey School works to solve urgent societal problems at their root by applying approaches that acknowledge how structural barriers intersect, resulting in complex impacts, and outcomes for individuals, groups, and communities.

Our guiding principles are:

  • A “come as you are” philosophy: welcoming diverse identities, backgrounds, perspectives, and prior life, work, and volunteer experiences
  • A commitment to participation, equity, and dignity
  • Being of service to underrepresented, marginalized groups and communities
  • Developing an understanding of societal and individual forces, how they interact and relate, and how to change them so they serve in sustaining all life
  • Advancing opportunities for transformative professional growth and personal well-being