The skills and knowledge gained in our public policy program will prepare you for a wide variety of professional positions. Over the course of a career, policy professionals often work in multiple sectors and across different policy areas. The careers of our public policy graduates tend to be highly varied. See a few examples of the positions held by Mills graduates with an MPP or joint MPP/MBA

Public Service Opportunities

Public policy graduates work in government agencies; legislative offices at the local, state, or federal levels; and international, multilateral agencies such as the World Bank or the United Nations. They may serve as analysts, program evaluators, or managers in agencies that address topics such as health, education, economic development, environmental protection, housing, transportation, criminal justice, national security, wealth inequality, or other public concerns. A number of MPP graduates have also run for public office as a way to advocate for policy change. 

Nonprofit Opportunities

Public policy graduates serve as issue advocates, policy analysts, program directors, and executives in settings ranging from local, community-based service providers to national advocacy organizations to international NGOs.

Joint MPP/MBA Opportunities

Graduates with our innovative joint MPA/MBA degree are prepared to cross sectors and serve as:

  • Leaders in nonprofit organizations or social enterprises that use business models to address complex social issues
  • Business consultants working in government and nonprofit organizations
  • Managers of corporate citizenship or government affairs departments.

Gain Real-World Experience.

Our public policy programs will provide you with opportunities to build your resume and gain real-world policy experience by working with local city and county governments. In addition, you’ll be matched with a mentor who is a graduate of our public policy program and can help you explore your career interests and grow your professional networks. 

Plan for Success.

To get started on a career path that’s a good fit for you, it helps to have a career development plan. From the moment you enter the public policy program, we’ll encourage you to begin reflecting on and articulating your career goals. You'll be able to use our full complement of career services during this process, including:

  • Individual career counseling with career assessment
  • Resume review, cover letter preparation, and mock interview practice
  • Managing your online presence
  • Internship and job search postings
  • Workshops, presentations, and information sessions
  • Networking opportunities with employers in all sectors
  • Connection to the Mills College network of more than 25,000 graduates