Connect Technology to Your Passion.

The capstone of the master’s program in interdisciplinary computer science is a research-based, academic thesis. Guided by three or more professors who form your thesis committee, you’ll be encouraged to draw on your expertise in fields outside of computer science to identify a research question. You’ll apply the technical and analytic skills gained through the computer science program to address the topic and make an original contribution to your field of knowledge.

Below are examples of the wide range of subjects explored by past graduate students.

  • A Technology-Enhanced Community Organizing Model
  • Women Artists of Color: A Multimedia Research
  • Lessons from Deploying Information Systems for Microfinance Transactions in Uganda
  • Computer Skills Are Not Enough—Computer Science for Middle School Students
  • Statistical Mechanics Studies of Triple Helix Bundle Polymers
  • Bridging the Gender Gap in Computer Science
  • A New Assessment Tool for Teachers in CSILE Classrooms: Participatory Design and a Case Study of Use
  • The Electronic Atlas of Suburban Growth
  • An Online Tool for Market Research
  • ImagoSUs: A Database to Store Images and Data of Sea Urchins
  • A Rule-Based System on Financial Statement Analysis
  • The Communicative Power of Computers: Designing an Interactive, Multimedia Interface to Facilitate Cultural Understanding Among Fifth- and Sixth-Grade Students