Off-Campus Tech Tours

Our San Francisco Bay Area location gives Mills students the opportunity to interact with, visit, and learn from some of the most innovative minds in technology. In addition to a robust schedule of on-campus talks and workshops, Mills offers tours and talks at some of the most influential technology companies in Silicon Valley.

Mills undergraduate and graduate computer science students on a tour of Mozilla’s corporate headquarters in Mountain View.

Software engineers and technical staff from Delphix give Mills students insights into their career paths and what it’s like to be part of the Delphix team.

These intimate, in-person tours give our computer science students the opportunity to ask questions and begin building relationships with working professionals in tech.

And our students get to preview the perks can that come with a career in tech, like ball pits and oversized LEGOs in the workplace.

Our undergraduate and graduate computer science students and Professor Susan Wang on a visit to Delphix in San Francisco.