What Can I Do with an MFA in Creative Writing from Mills?

Our creative writing alumnae publish their work in magazines, anthologies, and full-length collections; regularly perform at local and national venues; and are themselves successful publishers, editors, and academics. Recent MFA graduates include:

José Vadi, MFA ’12
Poetry mentor for Youth Speaks

Meg Day, MFA ’10
Author of Last Psalm at Sea Level

Samantha Giles, MFA ’08

Author of Deadfalls and Snares

Executive Director at Small Press Traffic

Laleh Khadivi, MFA ’06

Author of The Walking

Assistant Professor at University of San Francisco

Christine Hyung-Oak Lee, MFA ’06
Author of Tell Me Everything You Don't Remember

Romney Steele, MFA ’04

Author of Plum Gorgeous


Samuel Sattin, MFA ’11
Author of the comic series Legend

Marc Anthony Richardson, MFA ’09
Author of Year of the Rat

Carolina De Robertis, MFA ’07

Author of The Gods of Tango

Assistant Professor at San Francisco State University

Nina LaCour, MFA ’06
Author of We Are Okay

Keenan Norris, MFA ’05
Author of Brother and the Dancer

Tanita Davis, MFA ’04
Author of Mare’s War

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