Strengthen Your Voice at Mills.

Mills is located in one of the nation’s most active and engaged literary regions—the San Francisco Bay Area. Our graduate degree programs in creative writing & literature offer access to world-class faculty, an inspiring campus, and a curriculum emphasizing the intersections between social justice, community action, and the literary arts.

We have no defined profile for a writer, scholar, or teacher at Mills—our goal is to help you claim your individual voice and vision through mentoring, community activism, and interaction with a diversity of colleagues, faculty members, and literatures. Our graduate students thrive because of our committed teaching, access to stimulating academic and community opportunities, and the ability to engage in interdisciplinary work with other Mills programs in literature, arts, and education.

Why Mills? Consider the Literatures & Languages Department's philosophy, created by our faculty to illustrate why they feel so passionate about teaching at Mills:

  • We cultivate an environment where students and faculty embrace intellectual and creative challenges, and evolve as artists and intellectuals.
  • We are part of a community, not just a campus, which facilitates the development of political and social consciousness.
  • We meet difficult questions head on, engaging critically and respectfully with the work of others.
  • Our classrooms value the diverse knowledge and experiences our students bring.
  • We are committed to making expectations clear and achievable; teaching concrete skills for critical and creative inquiry, self-empowerment, and expression; and demystifying academic conventions and the creative process.
  • We acknowledge that in any conversation about reading, writing, culture, art, and society, there can never be one final opinion.

The next step to take is to visit Mills. Experiencing our graduate programs and strong sense of community firsthand will help you make the important decision about which graduate school to attend. We look forward to meeting you and your aspirations at Mills!