Engage with the Community.

We host a number of partnerships with organizations and individuals who are doing critical work in our communities to advance access to and further knowledge in the field of education, child development, and teaching. Here are just a few examples of our partnerships.

Inquiry into Leadership for Early Childhood Professionals

The School of Education provides a learning community for Mills alumnae and early childhood professionals with a focus on social justice and equity. Through in-depth discussion and reflection in the context of a supportive and collegial environment, participants increase their understanding of workplace dilemmas, widen their perspectives for analyzing the complexities of their professional work, and increase the range of choices for enacting positive social change in the field.

Mills Teacher Scholars

Mills Teacher Scholars supports ongoing learning for teachers by facilitating teacher-led investigations of student learning. Teacher scholars meet monthly with their cross-grade colleagues to systematically study the data that they collect to answer their questions, including classroom video data, student work, student interview data, and observational data. This teacher-led approach to instructional improvement puts students at the center of teachers' professional collaboration and builds powerful teacher learning teams to drive school improvement.

Lesson Study Group

The Lesson Study Group at Mills College conducts research and practice on Japanese lesson study, a form of professional development in which teams of teachers work together to plan, observe, analyze, and refine classroom lessons through an inquiry process. Currently, the Lesson Study Group's work in Oakland focuses on mathematics.

TRIO Programs

These are federally funded programs for outreach and support for low-income individuals, first-generation college students, and students with disabilities from middle school to post-baccalaureate. There are two precollege TRIO Programs at Mills located in the School of Education: Upward Bound and the Mills Educational Talent Search.