Mills College School of Education Stance on Racial Justice and Social Equity

Winter 2021

The Mills College School of Education (SOE) is an educational institution with unwavering commitments to racial justice and social equity. We unapologetically and deliberately address anti-Blackness racism and white supremacy in education and collaborate with students, community members, and partner organizations to dismantle systems of abuse and oppression that interfere with the wellness, liberation, and joy for ALL people, and especially those who identify as Black/African descent, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian and Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, and first-generation students.

We seek to disrupt the culture of whiteness as the norm for the architecture of the SOE and the faculty, staff, and leadership commit to creating a teaching and learning environment that is steeped in the work of anti-bias and antiracism by cultivating equitable relational power dynamics between institutions, persons, and communities. Our intention is to transform the SOE to be a more inclusive, healthier environment for all stakeholders by valuing the lived experiences and experiential knowledge of those whose voices have been marginalized and silenced. We acknowledge that this work is iterative and ongoing and commit ourselves to engage with it over time and across circumstances.

Our SOE centers preparing educators, leaders, and practitioners to examine their social positionalities, access, and uses of power in order to foment and inspire transformative educational practices. Overall, we are committed to building confidence and thrivance in the next generation of leaders, scholars, parents, and professionals, as well as in the diverse institutions in which our work occurs.

We are committed to applying our stance to our work in the following areas:

  • Our Culture of thrivance, prioritizing our collective care and joy.
  • Our Practices in the areas of teaching, scholarship, partnerships, internal psycho-social-spiritual growth, and advocacy work with and among ourselves and in community with others.
  • Our Restoration of past wrongs and practices in order to name and authentically move with intention toward the development of a healing and trustworthy culture.