Mills College MFA in Studio Art ThesisThe Mills College Art Museum is an integral part of the MFA Program in Studio Art. Not only does this beautiful Spanish colonial building house an impressive and inspiring collection of 10,000 works of art, it also provides the setting for graduating students to publicly display their work during the MFA Thesis Exhibition. This show typically draws substantial interest from local gallery owners, art dealers, critics, and other enthusiasts.

Mills College MFA Studio Art Thesis

Each year, our graduating MFA students also create materials to promote their thesis exhibition, and some students create websites to highlight their work.

An overview of current MFA work can be viewed on the MFA blog. Here's a sampling of student shows from recent years:

MFA Exhibition 2016 

MFA Exhibition 2008 

MFA Exhibition 2015 

MFA Exhibition 2007 

MFA Exhibition 2014 

MFA Exhibition 2005 

MFA Exhibition 2013 

MFA Exhibition 2004 

MFA Exhibition 2012 

MFA Exhibition 2003 

MFA Exhibition 2011 

MFA Exhibition 2002 

MFA Exhibition 2010 

MFA Exhibition 2000 

MFA Exhibition 2009 


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If you have a specific question for a faculty member, please contact studio_art@mills.edu or call 510.430.2117.

Last Updated: 3/7/17