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MA in Educational Leadership

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (MA)
(a minimum of 40 semester course credits)

Students may complete the master's degree alone or in conjunction with the administrative services credential. The master's degree program may serve as preparation for the EdD program, but completion of this program is no guarantee of admission to the doctoral program at Mills.

Degree Requirements:

A total of 40 semester course credits and a portfolio are required to earn the master of arts degree in educational leadership. Student may transfer in up to 8 credits from relevant prior graduate work. Students select courses from among the Educational Leadership Program offerings listed below. The faculty advisor works with the student to develop the sequence of courses. Credits earned toward the preliminary administrative services credential may also be applied to the MA, and MA course work may be applied toward the doctorate.

EDUC 208 Chicanos and Education (4)

EDUC 227/427 Issues of Race and Ethnicity in Education (4)

EDUC 229 Schools, Sexuality, and Gender (4)

EDUC 230 History of Education in the United States (4)

EDUC 403 Administrative Leadership: Theory, Concepts, and Practice (4)

EDUC 410 Schools, Communities, and Critical Social Theory (4)

EDUC 411A Independent School Leadership (4)

EDUC 411B Independent School Leadership (4)

EDUC 413 Qualitative Methods (4)

EDUC 421A Inquiry into Leadership: Practice into Theory I (4)

EDUC 421B Inquiry into Leadership: Practice into Theory II (4)

EDUC 424 Educational Program Evaluation (4)

EDUC 426 Ethical and Moral Considerations in Educational Leadership (4)

EDUC 428 Organizational Development and School Improvement (4)

EDUC 432 Curricular Leadership (4)

EDUC 436 California Community College Finance, Politics and Policy (4)

EDUC 437 Issues and Trends in Higher Education (4)

EDUC 440 Hip Hop Pedagogy (4)

EDUC 480 Special Topics in Educational Leadership (4)


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