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MA in Education (MEET)

Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in Education
with an Emphasis in Teaching (MEET)

MEET is a 40–48 credit MA program designed to prepare teachers for professional practice in urban schools. At the end of the first year students receive their preliminary California teaching multiple or single subject credential. After this year students teach or work in some capacity with school-aged students on a regular basis while taking seminar-style courses designed to facilitate the continued building of their inquiry stance and professional practice. Classes after the credential year of study are held late afternoon or early evening to accommodate working schedules. Post-credential students engage in a range of classroom-based research projects, which they design and conduct to build their knowledge of their students' learning and their teaching practice.

Any time within five years of completing their credential, students can enter the post-credential program. Given the demands of the program, however, students completing their credential at Mills who want to continue in the MEET program directly will be required to enroll in the program part time. Exceptions to this rule will be made on a case-by-case basis. To petition for an exception students must write a letter indicating the reasons for making the request, which must be signed by their advisor. A decision on full-time enrollment for first-year teachers will be made in consultation with the student, the student's advisor, and the MEET program director.

Degree Requirements:

Successful completion of master's project within five years of commencing post-credential course work,

16–24 Mills course credits from the Mills credential program,

16–24 additional Mills course credits from the following:

EDUC 207A/B Inquiry into the Teaching Process: Practice into Theory (4; 4)

EDUC 293A/B Graduate Seminar: Research in Education (4; 4)


EDUC 201 Social Foundations of Education (4)

EDUC 203 Public Policy, Children, Youth, and Family Issues (4)

EDUC 246 Working with Families and the Community (2)

EDUC 427 Race and Ethnicity in Schools (4)


Last Updated: 3/1/16